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ASBISc Enterprise Gives Summer Vacation to War-Displaced Children

Vitaly Melnychenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine
Vitaly Melnychenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine

On July 18, 2022, the 7Fields summer camp in the village of Semipolka, Kyiv region, opened its doors to a new group of children. 150 children who came from regions of Ukraine affected by shelling and bombing can now rest and enjoy the summer thanks to the special sponsorship program of broadliner ASBIS.

Most of the infrastructure facilities of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions are partially or completely destroyed by aggressor country Russia and cannot be used. Including educational institutions, as of mid-July 2,116 educational buildings were damaged, 216 of which were completely destroyed.

And in order to bring back the joy of summer to children from the war zone, the 7Fields school organized a special summer camp, which works on a charitable basis and allows anyone to become a sponsor of the initiative. And the children's families, at this time, can calmly look for work and arrange life in new places.

ASBIS sponsored 3 groups of 50 children each to spend 12 days in a safe camp environment with lots of fun.

On the territory of this camp there are many playgrounds, two swimming pools, a rope park, a tennis court, a cinema and street chess, and the little ones will be able to try their hand at the handmade workshop. There are a large number of entertainment groups in the camp.

In addition to the entertainment program, the most important part of being in the camp is working with psychologists. For this, individual classes with certified specialists in the format of games are designed.

What is important - during air alarms, the camp has an equipped basement with two exits, electricity, refrigerators, food and water supplies.

"War is a difficult situation for any adult, but it affects children the hardest. The child, who is now displaced by the war in Ukraine, is our future and needs our support more than ever. We hope that this summer camp project will help them regain the joy of childhood. We do not stop there and confidently move towards victory", noted Vitaly Melnychenko, director of ASBIS Ukraine.

From the first days, broadliner ASBIS Enterprise, which is represented in Ukraine by the companies ASBIS Ukraine, Breezy Ukraine, iOn and iSupport, has been a sponsor of humanitarian projects. To date, the company has already handed over 20 fully equipped ambulances to the hot spots of Ukraine where active hostilities are taking place, organized humanitarian aid, namely: basic necessities: sleeping bags, lanterns and clothes, electric generators, more than 300 laptops and tablets, power banks and modems. More than 27,000 medical products and first-aid kits are already in the hands of our defenders.

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