ATF Group Ends 2020 with a €22m turnover

Sylvain Couthier, President of ATF Group
Sylvain Couthier, President of ATF Group

ATF Group, a player in the social, solidarity and circular economy, specialising in the life-cycle management of professional IT and mobile phone equipment, has announced that it achieved a turnover of €22 million in 2020, down very slightly on 2019 (€22.9 million). The company has weathered the economic crisis, a consequence of the health crisis, well, in particular due to the strong growth of its refurbished IT equipment sales activities on its two e-commerce sites.

The year was marked by a 14% increase in the resale of reconditioned equipment via its two e-commerce sites, and It now accounts for more than half of the group's turnover (11.5 million euros). "We made the strategic shift to e-commerce in 2015. At that time, this activity represented 1.9 million euros. Online sales of reconditioned equipment have doubled in four years and have accelerated sharply with the health crisis", explains Sylvain Couthier, President of ATF Group. Its brokerage activities, ATF Gaia and Bis Repetita, generated turnover of 12 and 4.2 million euros respectively.

A total of 179,995 items of reconditioned equipment were sold, mainly online, an increase compared to 2019 (177,280 items sold), notably due to the strong demand for teleworking and distance learning equipment during the first containment of 2020.

In 2020, the refurbishment activity was slowed down due to the economic situation: the logistical flows to deliver new IT equipment to companies to replace the equipment to be refurbished (a sine qua non condition for this activity) were slowed down and the on-site teams limited. 297,164 IT equipment items were nevertheless processed at group level (compared with 328,284 items in 2019), with a reuse rate of 63% (compared with 61% in 2019).

Despite the uncertainties linked to the current crisis, ATF Group continued to invest in 2020 to ensure its development and the sustainability of its activities. Its Moissy-Cramayel (east of Paris) site benefited from a 1,000sqm extension to its production workshops as well as a complete overhaul of its equipment and processes as part of a Lean Management approach, in order to increase operational performance and the rate of reuse of purchased equipment, while reducing workstation fatigue. This new site will be inaugurated in September 2021.

In addition, the year 2020 was marked by numerous solidarity initiatives, such as the provision and donation of nearly 45,000 reconditioned computers to companies in order to facilitate the organisation of teleworking and help maintain jobs, the donation of reconditioned computer equipment to the AP-HP (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) and the SAMU 92, the donation of 300 computers to Grand Paris Sud, for children needing tutoring, distributed through the municipalities, as part of the Summer Learning Programme, and the donation of some twenty computers to companies affected by the Roya and Vésubie valleys following storm Alex.

At December, 31st 2020, the group had 160 employees, including 61 disabled workers, i.e. 40% of the total workforce. Within its subsidiary ATF Gaia, an adapted company, 55 of its 81 employees are disabled, that is 68% of the workforce. ATF Group plans to recruit new employees in the second half of the year if the recovery continues. "Since the beginning of the year, we have once again managed to source computer equipment for processing and reconditioning. If the trend continues, we will proceed with new recruitment", explains Sylvain Couthier, President of the ATF Group.