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Audio Manufacturer Syng Selects Aqipa to Enter European Market

Christian Trapl, CEO of Aqipa
Christian Trapl, CEO of Aqipa

American audio manufacturer Syng, the originator of Triphonic audio, and Aqipa, an Austrian distributor of consumer electronics, have launched Syng products in Europe. The partnership covers the sales and marketing of Syng's Triphonic Cell Alpha speaker range and home cinema system in all markets and channels in Europe.

Last year, Syng's Triphonic audio system, known as Cell Alpha, was launched in the US market to great critical acclaim.

It's already on TIME's list of the Top 100 Inventions of 2021 and has been repeatedly praised for its innovative approach to audio - powerful "spatial audio" sound instead of traditional stereo. Syng explains what makes the system innovative: "the Cell optimises the sound in the room by sensing the acoustic conditions. It does this by determining the exact position of the walls and corners of the nearby room and uses this information to bring the sound field to the center of the room. In a multi-cell system, each cell senses the distance and angle of the other cells in the system to optimise the Triphonic rendering. This includes adjusting the levels, delays and orientation of the sound field. In addition, it uses equalisation to compensate for low frequency room modes."

All of this is made possible by three beamforming microphones that provide the data needed by the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to perform automatic room equalisation, detection of wall proximity and direction, and calculation of multi-cell geometry. The Triphone - a three-way, eight-speaker system specifically designed to project sound - then uses its own beamforming to adjust the sound field.

The system is controlled by the Syng Space app, currently available for iOS. Android will follow at the end of 2022. The app allows you to configure the speaker and easily control the shape and size of the sound field and other playback parameters.

The mastermind behind the unique design and co-founder of Syng is Christopher Stringer, who helped design the iPhone, iMac and other cult products during his 22 years of design at Apple. Today, he and his team are on a mission to change the relationship between people and sound, so that everyone can experience the power of sound and make listening a multi-sensory experience.

"We have ambitious growth targets and believe we have found the right partner in Aqipa to accelerate our growth while launching across Europe. In addition to access to distribution channels, excellent logistics and sales capabilities, we were impressed by Aqipa's understanding of the market as well as its experience in brand building and storytelling", says Rio Caraeff, Chief Commercial Officer of Syng.

Aqipa specialises in the distribution and marketing of high-end consumer electronics and lifestyle products. The company currently represents brands such as GoPro, Marshall, Braun Audio and Pure.

"We are very proud to announce this new partnership with Syng. We were impressed not only by the quality and innovativeness of the product, but more importantly by the fact that we met a management team that has a strong vision for the future and the right attitude to prevail in the highly competitive audio market", says Christian Trapl, CEO of Aqipa.

Viggo Olsen, VP Business Development at Aqipa and audio expert, adds: "Syng is probably the coolest new technology I've seen in the audio industry in the last five, maybe ten years. So I'm very happy that we can bring this fantastic brand to Europe."

The Syng Cell Alpha will be available in combination with the Table Stand for €2,399 and with the Floor Stand for €2,499. Consumer sales are scheduled to begin in the DACH region in early May, through Aqipa offices in Austria and Germany.

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