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Avnet Abacus wins TDK European Distribution Award for Third Consecutive Year

Hagen Götze, Senior Director Marketing at Avnet Abacus
Hagen Götze, Senior Director Marketing at Avnet Abacus

Avnet Abacus, one of Europe’s leading interconnect, passive, electro mechanical and power distributors and a regional business unit of American multispecialist Avnet, today announced it has won TDK’s European Distribution Silver Award in the international volume distribution category. This marks the third year in a row that Avnet Abacus has been recognised by TDK, a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, modules, systems and devices.

Senten Manten is a Japanese term that means ‘the perfect result or full marks. TDK uses the Senten Manten system to assess distributors on their levels of performance and collaboration with the manufacturer across four categories: business performance; inventory management; contractual terms; and operational excellence.

In a challenging market environment, it is a particular honour to win the TDK Silver Award”, said Hagen Götze, Senior Director Marketing at Avnet Abacus. “We have again demonstrated our capacity for continued excellence in customer service and business development across the TDK product range. Achieving a high score for three consecutive years brings extra merit, and TDK´s complementary portfolio and high-quality products provide us with the means to continue this success.

Dietmar Jaeger, head of TDK Global Sales Distribution, said: “Avnet Abacus has firmly established itself as a top performer in its support for TDK over the past three years and is a worthy recipient of the Silver Award for international volume distributors. Consistently high levels of proficiency by Avnet Abacus’ technical and commercial specialists continue to inspire customer confidence and contribute to sustained growth across the TDK portfolio.

Avnet Abacus is an authorised TDK distributor throughout Europe and offers TDK’s broad range of passive electronic components, including multilayer ceramic capacitors as well as aluminium electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors, high-frequency components and modules, piezo and protection devices and sensors.

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