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Avnet Silica Adds LED Driver Specialist Lifud to its Linecard

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Semiconductor specialist Avnet Silica has further expanded its array of cutting-edge solid state lighting products. The company is now stocking the driver technology for powering LED luminaires for both indoor and outdoor deployment produced by Shenzhen-based manufacturer Lifud.

LED drivers convert higher voltage, alternating current to low voltage, direct current. They also keep the voltage and current flowing through an LED circuit at its rated level. These advanced units are compatible with DALI interface technology (DT6 and DT8) - thereby facilitating dimming and color temperature control. They have a strong combination of cost-effectiveness and compelling features.

Highlights of the Lifud driver range available via Avnet Silica include:

  • the LF-SCD010B - which is an IP67 DALI to 0-10V converter, it quickly transforms an analog dimming luminaire into a digital DALI luminaire.

  • the 60W-rated, non-isolated, high-efficiency LF-FMRxxxYS series of linear drivers - which support flicker-free operation.

  • the 24W to 42W LF-GDExxxYP series - with all units having synchronous dimming functionality.

  • the 12W to 42W LF-GIFxxxYF series - where each unit has a built-in DIP switch.

The breadth of applications that can be supported by Lifud drivers is extensive, enabling even the most challenging technical demands or budgetary constraints to be fully addressed. Among these applications are domestic lighting (down lights, ceiling lights, etc.), retail lighting (spot lights, track lights, panel lights, etc.), office illumination, bay lights and street lighting.

Through this supply chain partnership with Avnet Silica, we will have access to the huge amount of business activity currently being generated within Europe by solid state lighting innovation”, states Xuewen Chen, Deputy General Manager at Lifud. “We will benefit greatly from the relationships that Avnet Silica’s sales and FAE staff have built with their customers, as well as being able to rely on their exceptional engineering and application knowledge to ensure that projects prove successful.

The addition of Lifud to our solid state lighting ecosystem puts Avnet Silica in a really unique position to serve this rapidly growing market”, adds Philippe Benedet, Lighting Products marketing manager at Avnet Silica. “Complementing our LED franchises, it will mean we can provide complete solutions to customers looking to implement exciting new lighting systems that are certain to capture the imagination of the international marketplace.

Lifud products are available through Avnet Silica offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

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