Axoft Signs with RuSIEM

Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Product Expertise Department at Axoft
Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Product Expertise Department at Axoft

Russian software and cloud specialist Axoft has signed a distribution agreement with RuSIEM, a Russian SIEM vendor. Axoft will focus on the development of partners' competences, participation in specialised conferences, implementation of marketing activities. The partners will receive comprehensive support from the Axoft Competence Center and the vendor in the development of their business, expertise in presales, piloting and deployment of solutions, while the customers will get a wider choice in the implementation of SIEM projects. The contract is valid in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Qazaqstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

RuSIEM is a Russian developer of software for information security event monitoring and management. Among the users of the vendor's products are companies of all business segments, including banking sector, medical, insurance, energy and construction industries, organizations and public sector enterprises. The vendor's solutions were developed taking into account the requirements and methodological recommendations of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia and are certified by the FSTEC of Russia.

One of the main goals of Axoft as a global expert in information technology and services distribution is to provide partners with a wide product line from different vendors to solve all types of tasks for any customer level. The new status will enable Axoft to expand its IS portfolio in general and the range of SIEM solutions in particular, to complement its "Regulatory Requirement" and "SOC" technology practices. The vendor will be able to reinforce its sales through Axoft's wide partner network in Russian regions and CIS countries.

Among the advantages of the vendor's solutions functionality are detailed incident card (372 customisable fields); built-in manageable and editable correlation; over 270 preset correlation rules; Real-time and historical correlation; reduced to a common format object normalisation and much more.

Editor's flagship solutions include:

  • RuSIEM - Commercial SIEM (Security information and event management) class, includes real-time correlation, data visualisation and retrieval, long-term storage of raw and normalised events, built-in incident management and reporting;

  • RuSIEM Analytics is a module for the commercial version, which adds AI (artificial intelligence), DL (data learning), asset management and many other features to increase your ability to detect different threats in a timely manner, solve many cases and visualise data;

  • RvSIEM free is a free LM (Log Management) class solution. The product features reports, normalisation, data mining, long-term event storage, dashboards and visualisation tools.

  • When promoting the vendor's products, Axoft will focus on developing the partners' competencies and implementing marketing activities. The company will provide partners and their customers with technical services, including engineering support in terms of presale, piloting and implementation of vendor solutions, and the first line of technical support.

"RuSIEM solutions successfully complement our IS Regulators Requirements and SOC practices. Our partners will receive comprehensive support from Axoft's competence centre and the vendor's development area, and their customers will have a wider choice when implementing SIEM projects. We are confident in the prospects of RuSIEM products and expect a steady growth of demand for the vendor's solutions and joint business development in the coming years", says Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Product Expertise Department at Axoft.

"We continue to expand our partner channel, increase sales volumes, and it is very important and valuable for us to secure support from Axoft, a global expert in information technology and services distribution, in order to improve the quality of our work with partners and customers. This strategic partnership gives us new opportunities to meet the market demand for a competitive SIEM solution. We would like to thank Axoft for their trust in RuSIEM and continue to actively move forward to help customers solve pressing information security challenges with our solution and our partners", said Alexander Bulatov, Commercial Director of RuSIEM.