Axoft Tries to Replace MS-Office with R7-Office

Sergey Ignatov, head of Axoft Sales Support and Development

Russian software VAD Axoft has become an official distributor of R7-Office software. Thanks to the agreement concluded with New Communication Technologies (the editor of R7-Office), Axoft claims to complete its import substitution portfolio with a "Russian" office suite, including editors of documents, tables and presentations, etc. for government agencies and the education sector.

R7-Office is a project of the Russian company New Communications Technologies, which has been operating in the office software market for 15 years. It targets Russian companies, state and educational institutions. The agreement will provide Axoft partners with additional opportunities to attract both new customers using free software and customers planning to migrate from office programs of foreign manufacturers.

Axoft will primarily focus on familiarising partners with the editor and its line of solutions, informing about the benefits of software in terms of business development, and providing technical support to partners. As part of pre-sales assistance, a dedicated presale manager will consult partners on the functionality and compatibility of solutions for partners. Axoft plans for the coming year include the implementation of pilot projects, the creation of bundles from domestic software, and the provision of solutions implementation services to partners.

Since the Russian government has made mandatory Russian computers to be equipped with Russian software (to make sure only Russian secret services, and no foreign services, can spy on them), Russian companies feel obliged to see interest in this kind of solutions, while State organisations must buy these products.

R7-Office is an office suite that includes editors of documents, tables and presentations for government agencies and the field of education. It includes two versions:

  • R7-Office Professional, desktop edition: includes a word processor, an editor for electronic pages and presentations, tools for viewing videos and images;

  • R7-Office Professional server edition: includes online editors, document management, mail, calendar, corporate social network, messenger, control panel.

R7-Office is the very case when the Russian solution is a truly high-quality alternative for the market leader in the office software segment, which commercial companies, including those abroad, have managed to evaluate and implement”, says Sergey Ignatov, head of Axoft Sales Support and Development.

We are confident that our joint work with one of the leaders in the distribution market will allow many of our potential customers and partners to discover the R7-Office and the new quality of working with documents”, said Oleg Gonchar, head of the partnership program for New Communication Technologies.

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