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Bakotech Adds CGS Tower Networks to its Portfolio

Bakotech CEO Evgeniy Badakh
Bakotech CEO Evgeniy Badakh

Israeli company CGS Tower Networks has been added to the list of VAD Bakotech vendors. The company develops Network Visibility solutions. Their products optimise the flow of traffic within the infrastructure so that all installed solutions receive the relevant traffic at the right volume. This will allow network infrastructure engineers to quickly and easily deploy access points to test in their network, eliminate blind spots and data congestion, and provide superior network visibility.

This is the first time CGS Tower Networks has introduced through Bakotech its products in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Four types of solutions will be available to customers: Network TAPs (Test Access Point), Network Packet Brokers, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Virtual Advanced Network Packet Brokers.

"CGS Tower Networks has developed next-generation devices that enhance cybersecurity, big data analytics and monitoring tools. They are the only company that provides packet brokers using leading hardware platforms. This enables us to provide high-quality network visibility, optimise tool performance and minimise costs", said Eli Nakash, vice president of sales and business development at CGS Tower Networks.

CGS Tower Networks' products offer a number of advantages to large and medium-sized companies in the telecommunications, utility, financial and public sectors. They are support solutions that can work with anything from anti-virus to monitoring systems.

"Any investment in IT products must be cost-effective. There are times when a company doesn't benefit from them and doesn't even know it. CGS products make it possible to make sure that solutions already installed are working as they should. Complete traffic visibility allows you to find and fix bugs, speed up processes and implement the new solution where it's needed. As a result, we get stable operation and serious cost savings", says Bakotech CEO Evgeniy Badakh.

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