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BeMSP Becomes usecure Distributor

Thomas Bresse, CEO and founder of BeMSP
Thomas Bresse, CEO and founder of BeMSP

BeMSP, a French distributor of MSP solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with usecure, an English company specialised in security awareness. The solution will be distributed by BeMSP in French-speaking European countries: France, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

This new partnership will enable IT resellers, IT service providers, facilities managers and MSPs to benefit from the usecure security awareness software suite. The platform includes a management console and functionalities such as end-user training in cybersecurity, phishing simulation campaigns, management of IT charters and supervision of data compromises.

The usecure platform is designed to protect end-users and organisations against threats such as phishing or spear-phishing by raising security awareness through regular training, testing and simulations. Through native automation within the platform, usecure also aims to minimise the time spent adding or managing users, while offering the possibility of customising training courses to address weak points in IT security knowledge.

For Charles Preston, CEO and founder, "usecure has generated a lot of interest in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market thanks to its platform, which is committed to reducing the human risk of cybersecurity." The solution differentiates itself from the competition by matching the needs of companies in terms of awareness of cyber attacks with the needs of service providers for the provision of their managed IT services.

As a French distributor of MSP solutions, BeMSP is a recognised player in the sector, with a history of successful partnerships with leading MSP publishers worldwide. Charles Preston has identified in BeMSP an ideal partner for usecure. "We needed a partner that would help us strengthen our commitment to better serve our customers and expand our network of

MSP partners", said Preston, "the growth of this distributor in the French market and its unique expertise in the MSP model will undoubtedly facilitate our development."

This partnership follows a series of new distribution agreements concluded by usecure with distributors specialising in MSP solutions and aims to support the publisher's European and international development.

"Cyber risk is at its highest in the current context, reducing human risk is a key element of any cybersecurity strategy", says Thomas Bresse, CEO and founder of BeMSP. "MSPs need tailor-made solutions to address this problem at the scale of their customer base, usecure provides a true centralised solution for MSPs, fully localised for our markets. The market has been waiting for this type of solution."