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BeMSP Signs a Partnership with Spinpanel to Support Microsoft Cloud Partners

Thomas Bresse, president and co-founder of BeMSP
Thomas Bresse, president and co-founder of BeMSP

Cloud VAD BeMSP has announced its partnership and collaboration with Spinpanel, a management and automation solution for Microsoft Cloud services for managed service providers.

"We have seen an increasing adoption of Microsoft Cloud solutions among our MSP partners", explains Thomas Bresse, president and co-founder of BeMSP, "but their management and billing can be a challenge as their customer base grows. We are pleased to partner with Spinpanel to further support the Microsoft partner ecosystem in the French market. This will enable MSPs to extend their use of Microsoft Cloud on Azure and the Modern Workplace while streamlining billing with Autotask PSA integration."

Spinpanel is a Microsoft Cloud solution in the true sense of the word. Built entirely on Microsoft Active Directory and from the roots of an MSP, the platform has been designed to change the way Microsoft partners think about selling solutions. The powerful and feature-rich set of tools helps Managed Service Providers address day-to-day challenges such as license management, Azure information, billing and customer deployment while addressing Modern Workplace issues. The platform currently supports 3.1 million Azure AD users in more than 33 countries. In just over two years, partners have been able to increase their Azure consumption revenues by more than 400%. This growth has in turn enabled partners to gain access to more partnership benefits, increase revenues and improve dashboard performance.1

"We are very pleased to partner with BeMSP to further develop our activities in the French market. BeMSP is a trusted and reputable partner for many MSPs in France, and through them, these MSPs will now be able to benefit from all the advantages that Spinpanel can offer them", said Karel Saurwalt, CEO of Spinpanel.

The solution, designed for multi-tenancy and multi-level, offers Managed Service Providers the ability to support their customers' transition from on-premise to cloud-based (Microsoft 365) environments; while evolving business models to deliver greater value through managed services.

"In our experience, the key to success in delivering cloud solutions is finding the right balance between functional excellence, scalability and business profitability", added Karel Saurwalt.

Spinpanel takes into account what automation can bring to an MSP company. The application has many automated features dedicated to solving specific business needs and allows partners to more easily manage with a dashboard to help them with time-consuming tasks that take up team time. The solution offers MSPs the ability to sell customised product bundles and allows customers to manage their own licences and subscriptions. Our team understands that human error is common and unavoidable and has carefully selected features to provide partners with the resources to eliminate it. For example, the Autotask Billing Connector facilitates automatic data consolidation and the combination of granular reports that customers can trust. Spinpanel has also found that many MSPs appreciate their easy-to-use Power BI reporting capabilities, which clearly highlight Azure's usage and information.

This is just a sample of what the Spinpanel platform can offer. By partnering with BeMSP, Managed Service Providers have the opportunity to use the platform to help their business evolve, adapt to the Modern Workplace, improve profitability, satisfy customers and automate processes.

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