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Bis Repetita Obtains Qualicert Certification for "Refurbishing Activities"

Sylvain Couthier, president of ATF Group
Sylvain Couthier, president of ATF Group

Broker Bis Repetita, an entity of the ATF Group, a major player in the social, solidarity and circular economy, has obtained the Qualicert SGS "refurbishing activities" service certification, a standard initiated by the SIRRMIET, a trade union for refurbished electrical and electronic products, to guarantee the quality of services provided in IT equipment refurbishing operations. ATF Gaia, another subsidiary of the ATF Group, is in the process of being certified.

"Bis Repetita is one of the first five companies to have obtained the Qualicert SGS certification for refurbishment activities", says Sylvain Couthier, president of ATF Group.

Faced with the growth of the refurbished electronic products market, the SIRRMIET, a union that brings together more than 60% of the refurbishing players in France, has co-constructed with SGS, a leading player in the field of certification, a standard to attest to the quality of service of the operations performed on refurbished IT equipment (laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). The Qualicert SGS service certification "refurbishing activities" is approved by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC).

Bis Repetita has obtained this certification, which consists in controlling 27 points around five criteria:

  • compliance with social, environmental and fiscal regulations in France

  • the safety of the reconditioning operations in France

  • the traceability of the parts used and the deletion of data

  • diagnostics of the product to be reconditioned at the entrance and exit of the workshop

  • customer support: guarantees offered on reconditioned equipment, customer service in French, up-to-date general sales conditions, etc.)

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