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Brodos Acquires Stahlgruber Communication Center

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of Brodos
Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of Brodos

German mobility specialist Brodos has taken over 100% of the shares of its competitor Stahlgruber Communication Center GmbH (aka SCC), based in Fulda. SCC has been a specialist distributor for more than two decades, focusing on the specialist trade and marketing of Deutsche Telekom products and tariffs.

The merger of the two distributors Brodos and SCC will create one of the largest distributors in Germany specialising in the specialist trade, giving the specialist trade access to the best of both worlds.

SCC has been established for over 25 years as a service company in the communications market and, in addition to its excellent employees, has established and successful partnerships with specialist dealers throughout Germany.

The location in Fulda, the name SCC, the employees as well as existing contracts and agreements will remain unchanged and therefore nothing will change for SCC's business partners as a result of the takeover. Stefan Vitzithum, COO at Brodos, explains: "we are also planning a two-brand strategy for the longer term, because SCC is super positioned in some segments and in combination with Brodos, the performance for customers will increase even further. The best of both worlds."

Brodos, which has been awarded the title of best private customer distributor by Telecom Handel, cooperates with all important industrial partners (hardware and networks) as a strategic distributor and is at the same time market leader with its innovative and long-established omnichannel tools. A mixture that promises a lot of future. Especially in the current times it becomes clear how much dealers need these services to reach their customers through all channels.

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of Brodos, adds: "our new colleagues from SCC have been doing an excellent job for years and are a constant in the market - especially as a partner of Telekom Deutschland. Strategically, our two companies are an excellent fit and we will be able to offer our customers the best of both worlds in the future. With this merger, the group is not only growing in terms of turnover and profit, but also, and above all, in terms of services for our customers. SCC at the Fulda site will play an important role here and will complement the group perfectly."

Managing Director of SCC, Carsten Meyer, is sure that the merger of the two companies will enable the company to take the leading position in the German mobile phone market in the future. SCC has a lot to contribute to the connection at the Fulda location. For example, the business with the Telekom partner shops is very strong and offers enormous potential for joint growth. The customers of both companies will benefit considerably from the opportunities and synergies now arising between the two companies.

The regional distribution of the locations from Berlin and Fulda to Baiersdorf means that the group is represented throughout Germany and is therefore always close to its customers, adds Frank Lüttjohann, Director of Sales for Specialist Trade at Brodos.

Brodos and SCC now employ almost 500 people at three main locations throughout Germany. With a consolidated mobile phone annual turnover of well over half a billion euros and a total sales performance of well over half a million services annually, the companies have thus moved to the top of the German distribution landscape.

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