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Bullguard Appoints Prianto

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

William Geens, Managing Director and co-founder of the Prianto Group
William Geens, Managing Director and co-founder of the Prianto Group

BullGuard, the award-winning cyber security company, today announced a new partnership with German software VAD Prianto. As part of this new relationship, resellers across France will be offered by Prianto France a channel-focused strategy that will enable them to approach small businesses with a dedicated cybersecurity solution. Prianto recognises that BullGuard Small Office Security offers the ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses to be fully protected against the growing threat of cybercrime.

Small and medium sized businesses are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals who take advantage of increasingly frequent employee travel and the increase in the use of personal devices for work. BullGuard and Prianto share the view that it is now more important than ever for business owners to ensure the protection of their devices and networks.

At the heart of SME security is BullGuard's award-winning Internet security, reinforced by its ease of use and affordability, making it a must-have platform for SMEs. A cloud-based management portal offers a multitude of easy-to-use remote controls, making it possible to protect end devices quickly and easily. Small Office Security can protect multiple Windows, Android and MacOS devices, whether employees are in the office, at home or on the road. BullGuard has also introduced the Managed Service Provider (MSP) functionality in Small Office Security, providing an additional opportunity for Prianto's partners. With the potential for significant revenue growth, Prianto resellers looking to expand their business can move into service delivery. Small Office Security will allow them to create new customers in minutes and manage multiple customer accounts and all their terminals within a single platform.

With the support of BullGuard, Prianto has developed a reseller launch plan, which has begun with a series of webinars to recruit channel partners. BullGuard Small Office Security will be exclusively available through the Reseller channel, which will be privileged and recognised in the distribution of the Solution.

Bogdan Arhip, BullGuard's Director of International Business Development, commented on the event: "Prianto's expertise in software product distribution strategies and the introduction of software into new markets makes it the ideal partner to bring SME security to the French channel. We launched BullGuard Small Office Security to provide network partners with a product that meets the requirements of the increasingly vulnerable SME market and we introduced MSP functionality to offer resellers a new business opportunity that can generate additional revenue and help them grow and differentiate themselves. Prianto has an extensive network of channel partners and offers excellent experience in products dedicated to the SME market as well as support for MSP partners, so we are confident that this relationship and launch will be a success and look forward to developing the opportunities Prianto can offer us in the French channel."

William Geens, Managing Director and co-founder of the Prianto Group, commented on the event: "we are delighted to be working with BullGuard in France as an authorised distributor. BullGuard is recognised as one of the most comprehensive and high performance anti-virus solutions, securing businesses with multi-layered protection, we are sure we will have a lot of success together."

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