• Alain Godet

Bulwark and CyberCyte Partner in Middle East

Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director of Bulwark Technologies

Security VAD Bulwark Technologies has unveiled a new partnership with CyberCyte for the Middle East market. The partnership is to set out the basis for business cooperation for the purpose of developing a mutually beneficial relationship through which they can leverage their respective knowledge, experience, capabilities and products to identify, explore opportunities with regards to cyber security solutions in the region. Both parties intend to increase the technology, capability and capacity to deliver a stronger vision in cyber security.

CyberCyte is a UK based cyber security company providing a framework of solutions based on the concept of Circle of Zero Trust utilising identity management, network access control and DNS security. They offer products like network access control, where remote users could connect securely, maintaining the company’s access policies. This is the need of the hour considering the current situation.

CyberCyte products has become the preferred technology in major international banks, enterprises and government agencies to protect their users and digital assets seamlessly with minimum operational overhead. Identification of cyber espionage, malicious data exfiltration and zero-day attacks are the key focus areas of CyberCyte threat protection platform.

Bulwark, currently celebrating two decades of operations in the ME region, is a value-added distributor for IT security solutions and services and best of breed security solutions enabling customers to protect their infrastructures, assets, data and users against current and emerging threats.

Bulwark will work closely with the vendor’s sales and marketing and support teams to ensure its channel partners receive strong pre-sales, marketing, implementation and post-sales services. The specialised VAD is currently celebrating 20 successful years of cyber security excellence in the region.

We are happy to announce that CyberCyte solutions can now be delivered by Bulwark”, said Necati Ertugrul, Founder of CyberCyte. “Known for their strength and longevity within the security industry, Bulwark brings to the table a wealth of technical expertise and a strong understanding of the challenges facing Middle Eastern and Indian businesses today. This coupled with our technology paves the way for a more secure future for our clients.

"Bulwark is excited to announce its distribution partnership with CyberCyte. The vendor provides technology solutions based on the concept of Circle of Zero Trust utilising identity management, network access control and DNS security. Our collaboration with CyberCyte represents a strategic addition, which highly complements our existing product portfolio, enabling our channel partners to deliver niche technology to customers in the region", says Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director of Bulwark Technologies.