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Cecotec Air Conditioners and Coffee Machines Available at Copaco

Marc Maas, Team lead Smart Solutions for Copaco
Marc Maas, Team lead Smart Solutions for Copaco

Broadliner Copaco expands its product range in Belgium and the Netherlands with the products of Cecotec, the Spanish manufacturer of consumer electronics. The portfolio includes climate control, such as mobile air conditioners and fans, coffee machines and (robot) vacuum cleaners. With this addition, Copaco partners can expand their product range even further.

"Cecotec's portfolio fits perfectly in the category of consumer electronics", says Marc Maas, Team lead Smart Solutions. "With Cecotec we bring a brand with a large and diverse range that varies from mobile air conditioners to electric scooters. In all product categories Cecotec offers more functionality than the competition at a lower price point. We therefore expect Cecotec to grow rapidly in the Benelux market."

Federico Sepulveda, International Sales Manager Cecotec, explains: “currently Cecotec is facing one of its major international expansion projects and we have chosen Copaco as the optimal partner to distribute our products in the Benelux market. It offers us great commercial and logistical advantages, which are required for the technological products we bring to market.

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