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Check Point Harmony on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Jan-Willem van der Velde, Ingram Micro's Sales Manager Security
Jan-Willem van der Velde, Ingram Micro's Sales Manager Security

Broadliner Ingram Micro Netherlands has started to offer Check Point's EndPoint licenses in a periodic 'pay per month' license format. On a monthly basis users decides how many licenses he needs. These EndPoint licences can be scaled up or down as required. In this way, they only pay for what they actually use. In this way, Ingram Micro brings the high-end endpoint security products of Check Point Software Technologies within reach of any Dutch SMEs.

Many EndPoint software companies have gradually switched to a subscription-licensing model in recent years. Previously, people owned the software and paid an annual fee for updates and support. A software subscription for a fixed number of users. This is changing with Check Point's monthly model that Ingram Micro now offers as a distributor.

Jan-Willem van der Velde, Ingram Micro's Sales Manager Security, is an unconditional believer in the added value of Check Point's 'pay per month' model: "at Ingram Micro we constantly strive to offer the best solution to our partners and their end customers. By expanding the partnership with Check Point, Ingram Micro has a fantastic proposition with the Ingram Micro Cyber Security portfolio alongside our existing Check Point applications through our Cloud Marketplace. We are extremely pleased with the partnership with Check Point. With Check Point's solutions already available through our Cloud Marketplace, the addition of the Check Point Harmony Endpoint 'pay per month' model is another great opportunity for our partners and their end customers. We are continually looking at opportunities with Check Point to expand and intensify our partnership."

Check Point's Distribution Manager Netherlands, Bastiaan Mol, has great expectations for this new licensing model: "customers are looking for more flexibility and increased efficiency, whereby they want to tailor the consumption model as much as possible to their needs and the available budget. On the other hand, customers are looking for innovative models to purchase services. This new licensing model, coupled with a new way of purchasing through an online platform, responds to both aspirations."

A software subscription licensing model results in paying an equal amount for the software annually. Interim changes in user numbers or the licence form are then not possible. You pay the same amount for the 2nd and 3rd year as you did for the 1st year. Fortunately, there is another way. With the Cloud Blue platform, Ingram Micro offers the possibility of dealing flexibly with software licences and costs. Resellers already apply this monthly Pay As You Go option to their Office365 licences. Now they can extend this to their Check Point Harmony Endpoint licences as well.

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