Check Point Software Available through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace in the Netherlands

Arthur van Uden, Country Manager Check Point Software Technologies Netherlands
Arthur van Uden, Country Manager Check Point Software Technologies Netherlands

Broadliner Ingram Micro has added Check Point Software Technologies to its Cloud Marketplace. Check Point Software Technologies is the market leader in the field of cyber security that offers protection both on-premise and in the Cloud with a professional product portfolio. Ingram Micro will start with the Sandblast Endpoint and CloudGuard Network Security portfolio. The joint intention is to further expand the portfolio in the course of 2021.

Migrations to the cloud are the trend in automation. The motives behind these migrations are different for each company. However, they are all the same on one aspect; the requirement that the cloud environment must be 100% secure. Most cloud vendors work with the shared-responsibility model when it comes to securing cloud environments. As a result, the limited security offered by the cloud vendor cannot and must not be relied on blindly. After all, the customer of the cloud service remains responsible for the security of his own data.

Cloud environments are dynamic and therefore it is not easy to secure them. Cloud environments can grow and shrink by the day, even by the hour. In addition, cloud services are often purchased from multiple vendors. This means that security must also be guaranteed in a multi-cloud environment. These are the major challenges for today's cyber security vendors.

Check Point Software Technologies can build on 27 years of experience in cyber security and therefore offers a solid cyber security portfolio for these challenges. The CloudGuard module of Check Point Software Technologies has a strong integration with all major cloud vendors. CloudGuard offers one central console in which all cloud environments, in terms of security, can be managed. From that console, security policies can be pushed to various cloud environments. The flexible licensing model is also perfectly suited to the changing nature of cloud environments.

Check Point Software Technologies has an attractively priced Endpoint portfolio and within the CloudGuard Network Security portfolio you can even pay per hour using the pay-as-you-go model.

"Due to the rapid developments and changes in the cloud, customers have the need to optimally secure critical data environments at all times. The expansion with the security portfolio of Check Point Software Technologies is for this reason a valuable addition. Check Point Software Technologies' solutions provide the accessibility, availability and security of every data environment. The security of endpoints as well as the applications and data environments are guaranteed by means of Sandblast Agent, CloudGuard Network Security and Sandblast Agent & Mobile bundle", says Jan-Willem van der Velde, Sales Manager Software & Data Security Benelux Ingram Micro.

"The choice of a partner is of strategic importance. We entered into this partnership with Ingram Micro because of their years of experience and expertise in the field of cloud security. We look forward to a successful partnership with great enthusiasm, so that together we can assist customers in their increasingly complex cyber security needs", explains Arthur van Uden, Country Manager Check Point Software Technologies Netherlands.