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COMM-TEC Exertis Appointed as Ashly Audio Distributor

Updated: May 3, 2021

Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC
Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC

AV VAD COMM-TEC Exertis had expanded its portfolio in the field of professional audio technology with products from Ashly Audio. The product range includes intelligent multi-mode DSP-loaded power amplifiers, matrix processors, compact digital mixing consoles, digital signal processors, loudspeakers, and proprietary software to set up and configure the products. With Ashly Audio's innovative audio systems, COMM-TEC Exertis offers its partners in Europe the right solutions for almost any application: from live set-up, office space and conference rooms to background sound in bars and restaurants.

Ashly Audio is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional signal processors and amplifiers for fixed installations and mobile audio systems. With the All-in-One mXa-1502, Ashly combines mixing console, DSP and amplifier in one rack unit. In combination with the included software "AquaControl" it allows fully automatic operation in churches, conference rooms and similar installations up to 4 sound reinforcement zones. The device provides 14 audio inputs and two power outputs, that deliver 150 W RMS each to 2-8 Ohm loudspeakers or to 100 V lines. Two separately controllable line outputs allow to connect more amplifiers. The heart of the mXa-1502 is the extensively equipped 12 x 4 matrix with feedback suppression, automatic mixer and DSP algorithms. The mXa-1502 provides a time control function for the automation of one-time as well as recurring processes. Optional user interfaces based on hardware or software allow for control of pre-defined parameters in individual control ranges. Thus, the end user has easy access without being able to do much wrong.

"Ashly Audio has a first-class reputation for outstanding sound quality, technical flexibility, reliability and longevity, which perfectly complements the COMM-TEC portfolio", says Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC. "Thus, customers benefit from high-quality All-in-One solutions for almost all application areas and COMM-TEC strengthens its position as a solution-oriented full-range supplier in the market."

"In order to further expand our range of audio solutions and provide them to an enhanced customer base, we were looking for an outstanding distributor for AV solutions in Europe. In COMM-TEC Exertis we have found the perfect partner to further expand Ashly's distribution throughout the region", said Jim Mack, CEO of Ashly Audio, Inc. "We look forward to many exciting projects and a long-term partnership that will allow us to offer our comprehensive product range to an even wider range of customers."

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