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COMM-TEC Exertis Takes Over Distribution for AiroDoctor Air Purifiers

Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC Exertis
Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC Exertis

AV VAD COMM-TEC Exertis has expanded its portfolio with the antiviral air purifiers from AiroDoctor. Partners of COMM-TEC Exertis in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as Eastern Europe have now access to a modern air purifier which, thanks to an innovative UV-LED photocatalysis filter, removes 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and odours from the room air without leaving any harmful residues.

The AiroDoctor air purifier is equipped with a 4-stage filter system, which guarantees a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the room air. The combination of pre-, carbon-, HEPA- and photocatalytic LED filter removes not only rough particles such as dust, hair and fibres, but also chemicals, gases, odours, pollutants as well as fungi, bacteria and viruses from the air. Due to the fine porous structure of the photocatalyst, there is an excellent filtering possibility of particles with a diameter of less than 0.1 μm. Thus, even infectious aerosols are rendered harmless without any residue thanks to the unique UV-LED catalysis system with filters made of titanium dioxide. This applies, among other things, to 99.9% of all corona viruses, noro- and influenza viruses as well as all harmful and multi-resistant bacteria. The AiroDoctor works in a particularly environmentally friendly way without any chemicals.

Thanks to its innovative filter system, the air steriliser makes an important contribution to infection prevention, especially in waiting areas, treatment rooms and other rooms in medical facilities as well as in retirement and nursing homes. In addition, the AiroDoctor is particularly suitable for use in offices, conference rooms, schools and kindergartens as well as fitness studios. One device can effectively clean the air in rooms of up to 200 sqm.

"The AiroDoctor is the right product at the right time! Especially in the corona pandemic, the unique photocatalyst clearly distinguishes it from competing products and enables the effective fight against infectious aerosols", says Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director of Business Development at COMM-TEC Exertis. "COMM-TEC thus offers its customers the ideal solution for healthy indoor air in any application areas and enables in particular a low-risk return to the conference rooms."

"We are pleased to engage COMM-TEC, a well-known and well-established partner for the distribution of the AiroDoctor. The team is characterised by professionalism, ambition and a trustworthy cooperation, which provides us with the perfect foundation to significantly expand our market share in Austria, Germany and Switzerland", says Carsten Hermann, CEO ScreenSource GmbH.

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