Comodo Security Solutions Partners with Distilogix

Mohd Elayyan, CEO and chief security officer at Distilogix
Mohd Elayyan, CEO and chief security officer at Distilogix

Comodo Security Solutions, an endpoint protection provider, has partnered with security VAD Distilogix Distribution to boost its presence and support enterprise customers in the Eastern European, Middle East, North and West African regions.

Both companies aim to assist organisations in moving to a modern and full-proof approach to protecting themselves from cyberattacks and security breaches.

Comodo’s advanced endpoint protection (AEP) is the only solution that prevents 100 per cent of ransomware and other malware before any damage is done. Because endpoints are the entryway for nearly all malware attacks, Comodo AEP utilises a patented virtual isolation capability that confines unknown files and code in a protective container until it is determined to be 100% safe.

The costs of just one successful cybersecurity breach are becoming astronomical and potentially devastating, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses”, said Ezra Correa, vice president of Global Markets at Comodo Security Solutions. “We’re excited to partner with Distilogix and extend our reach to provide a comprehensive solution for endpoint protection to our customers in the Middle East, Africa, and the Eastern European region.

Traditional vendors are simply not cut for the modern cyberattacks that we are witnessing day in and day out. The region is in dire need of a solution that is 100 per cent effective and proven to protect against these threats. Together with Comodo, Distilogix plans to make the Comodo suite of cybersecurity solutions known and readily available, as well as putting Comodo in our elite partner ecosystem to ensure customer support is top-notch”, said Mohd Elayyan, CEO and chief security officer at Distilogix.