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Computer Gross Acquires Clever Consulting

Duccio Castellacci, CEO of Computer Gross

Italian broadliner Computer Gross has signed a framework agreement for the purchase of 55% of the capital of Clever Consulting. Based in Milan, Clever Consulting specialises in offering endpoint security and mobility solutions with a distributed vendor portfolio including Blackberry, Accellion, Wandera, TITUS and Globalscape, closed the year 2019 with revenues of approximately Euro 4.25 million.

The company, founded by partners Gary McConnell and Antonio Tonani, has a human capital of 20 specialised resources and has achieved continuous revenue growth in recent years thanks to increased demand for endpoint management and mobility security solutions. The business plan provides for the integration of Clever Consulting's offer in the Computer Gross organisation with the aim of achieving progressive growth in revenues over the next three years by exploiting the growing market demand.

The founding partners have signed a multi-year collaboration agreement and will continue to operate in the company with top-level roles to support the development of the long-term business plan. The operation is part of Computer Gross's strategy of continuous investment and focus on areas of high specialisation and market added value, developing a strategic business line in an area of growing demand for digital transformation such as Security.

"We are pleased to join the organisation of Computer Gross and the Sesa Group, collaborating in the development of a long-term industrial project and enhancing our experience in the End Point Security Management Solutions segment. This operation will allow us to further grow our human capital and expertise at the service of the market", said Gary McConnell to Antonio Tonani, founders of Clever Consulting Srl.

"We welcome Clever Consulting and its Competence Capital in one of the areas of greatest growth and development potential in our industry. We will work together to enhance the Company's human capital at the service of sustainable, long-term growth", said Duccio Castellacci, CEO of Computer Gross.

"Computer Gross continues its strategy of expanding its portfolio of value-added solutions with the inclusion of specialisations and skills in strategic market segments with strong growth potential such as End Point Security. The long-term commitment of Clever Consulting's key resources is of fundamental importance and we will continue to invest and work with them to increase revenues and expertise in a segment with strong growth demand", said Gianluca Guasti Marketing Director of Computer Gross.

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