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Copaco and Eagle Eye Networks Join Forces for Cloud Video Management

Marc Maas, Teamleader Smart Solutions at Copaco
Marc Maas, Teamleader Smart Solutions at Copaco

Broadliner Copaco and Eagle Eye Networks, a market leader in Cloud Video Security, have announced a partnership for the distribution of the Cloud Video Management system (VMS) of Eagle Eye Networks in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

This new partnership enables IT resellers in the Benelux to respond to the trend where traditional security (analogue connection and/or local storage) is increasingly being replaced by remotely managed IP solutions. A secure cloud solution that meets all the needs and requirements of the IT security sector, now and in the future.

"Camera security is an innovative IT product. It is a logical step to bring VMS to the market together with Copaco and give it the exposure it deserves", says Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director EMEA for Eagle Eye Networks. "Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing problem, which means that securing buildings has to be done in the right way from an IT perspective. In addition, IT resellers understand how Software as a Service and Recurring Monthly Revenue works, exactly as Eagle Eye Networks does. We are currently working hard to expand the cloud platform, mainly through the use of artificial intelligence. This method provides new insights and applications in the field of camera security, such as safety, security, business processes and customer service. We strongly believe in this cooperation between Copaco and Eagle Eye Networks. In this way, we want to give the shift to camera security in the cloud an enormous boost."

Marc Maas, Teamleader Smart Solutions at Copaco, adds: "with this collaboration, we at Copaco are adding a unique solution to our portfolio. The brand has rapidly acquired an A-status worldwide thanks to their pioneering cloud proposition in camera security. With this cloud solution, our partners can completely break open the smart surveillance market in terms of scalability and security. In combination with the recurring model, this gives them a unique position. Besides the complete ecosystem of hardware and software that we can now offer through this collaboration, it fits in very well with other (camera) brands that we have in our portfolio, such as Hikvision and Mobotix. As an IT distributor, we also have extensive experience with cloud services through our own 2tCloud platform, which has built up a proven reputation with a specialised business unit and matching services. We can use this knowledge and experience within Copaco to also make Eagle Eye Networks' cloud proposition optimally available to our partners."

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