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Copaco Expands its Portfolio in Consumer Electronics with Denver

Marc Maas, Manager Smart Solutions for Copaco
Marc Maas, Manager Smart Solutions for Copaco

Broadliner Copaco has taken over the distribution of the Danish brand Denver Electronics over Belgium and the Netherlands. This substantially expands Copaco's range of consumer electronics and electronic toys.

Denver Electronics has a strong product range in terms of price that is very interesting for our partners to sell on the consumer electronics market. The products are relevant to every household. The portfolio not only offers electric scooters, hoverboards, drones, tablets or a portable DVD player for children, but also DAB radios, televisions, smart sports watches, digital picture frames and e-readers for adults.

"The portfolio of Denver Electronics fits into our strategy to grow in this category", says Marc Maas, Manager Smart Solutions for Copaco.

Dennis de Groot, Managing Director Denver Electronics Benelux, added: "we have chosen Copaco as distributor for the Benelux market because we have the same DNA. It is a healthy company that, through hard work and a dose of common sense, has reached its current position."

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