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Cyberton Eliminates Risk with CyCognito

Jayadevan K, President, Cyberton Global DMCC
Jayadevan K, President, Cyberton Global DMCC

Cyberton, a cyber security value added distributors headquartered out of Dubai, has cemented a distribution agreement with CyCognito, which provides a SaaS platform for attack surface and digital risk protection for large organisations. This relationship will see Cyberton taking CyCognito to the Middle East and North Africa market.

Compelling challenges exist when it comes to security for most organisations across the region under these difficult times. There has always been the need to gain greater visibility to what is going on within the organization when it comes to information security.

One key aspect that gets lesser attention is the attack surface – the collection of attack vectors bad actors can use to compromise the organisation and its data. CyCognito is all about visibility and their platform helps you identify, prioritise and eliminate the most critical risks across your entire attack surface. The solution leverages CyCognito's capabilities in machine learning as well as their Global Bot Network to bring you visibility hitherto not possible.

"Visibility has been the Achilles heel for most CISOs / Head of Security across enterprises. During the ongoing pandemic, many organisations are having skeleton staff to manage their infrastructure with several working from remote locations – the necessity of solutions such as CyCognito could not be further stressed as it could help organization exercise more control over protecting their assets", said Jayadevan K, President, Cyberton Global DMCC.

"Our mission is to build the next-generation security risk assessment product category: solutions that autonomously discover, enumerate, and prioritise each organisation's security risks based upon a global analysis of all external attack surfaces, and attack vectors that a real attacker would likely exploit", added Carrie Roberts, Senior Director Global Channel Sales for CyCognito.

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