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Despite War, BAKOTECH Continues Working

Evgen Badakh, managing director of BAKOTECH
Evgen Badakh, managing director of BAKOTECH

Despite the agression war waged by Russia in Ukraine, security VAD BAKOTECH continues working.

All our employees are in relatively safe places and ready to work for the benefit of the state. Some of our guys serve in the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense, others are engaged in volunteering and other assistance to the country in this war. But still, we always find time to work", said Evgen Badakh, managing director of BAKOTECH.

The company has stopped working with Belarus and is strengthening its presence in other countries by transferring specialists working in Ukraine to work with foreign markets.

All BAKOTECH offices are open today: Baku (AZ), Prague (CZ), Tbilisi (GE), Nur-Sultan and Almaty (KZ), Riga (LV), Krakow (PL), Ashgabad (TM) and Kyiv (UA) through remote office.

BAKOTECH vendors are actively leaving the market of the aggressor countries, Russia and Belarus, while at the same time doing a lot for Ukraine, such as providing free licenses for their products, specialists or humanitarian assistance to the victims of the Russian treacherous aggression.

BAKOTECH is also actively helping the army. €94k has already been transferred to the Armed Forces. The company is campaigning to join the initiative to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and urging vendors from the company's portfolio and other business employees to sever ties with Russia and Belarus.

BAKOTECH management uses all its international contacts and connections to disseminate information about the situation in Ukraine and to attract international financial assistance from foreign partners for the needs of the Armed Forces and volunteer organisations. There is significant progress in this matter - the funds raised and transferred are measured in hundreds of thousands of euros”, concluded Evgeniy Badakh.

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