DistIT Stops All Sales to Russia and Belarus and Provides Support to Ukraine

Robert Rosenzweig, CEO of DistIT
Robert Rosenzweig, CEO of DistIT

Scandinavian distribution group DistIT and its subsidiaries have decided to stop all sales to Russia and Belarus due to the ongoing war these countries wage in Ukraine.

"The situation is exceptionally worrying. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine who are suffering severely from the Russian aggression and invasion. We fully support the sanctions imposed by the EU and the Nordic countries, and we also try to contribute ourselves in whatever way we can in our activities to help the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state", says Robert Rosenzweig, CEO of DistIT.

The DistIT Group has taken the following actions:

  • the parent company DistIT is providing financial support of €9400 to the Red Cross in Ukraine.

  • the subsidiary Aurora Deltaco has stopped all sales of products to Russia and Belarus. DeltacoBaltic has donated a large quantity of powerbanks and other products requested by the Red Cross.

"Goods cannot stop the humanitarian suffering, but we have donated powerbanks to ease the situation for the Ukrainian population. We have also responded to the Red Cross' request for assistance at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and sent supplies, including microwaves and refrigerators, via our Lithuanian company. AuroraDeltaco has a wide range of products and we are reviewing how we can continue to support the population in Ukraine as well as the refugees in the surrounding area. We are currently preparing a shipment of 27,000 batteries to Ukraine", says Martin Gutberg, CEO of Aurora Deltaco.

  • the subsidiary Sominis Technology, based in Lithuania, is providing support of €10 000 to Ukraine

"We support the Ukrainian people in their struggle against the Russian aggression and invasion. We Lithuanians have paid a price for our freedom ourselves and therefore encourage all our friends to support Ukraine's fight for freedom by sending donations to Ukrainian charities", says Mindaugas Apanavicius, CEO of Sominis Technology.

The total sales to Russia and Belarus are a very small part of the Group's total revenues and the impact on earnings and sales due to the sales freeze has limited financial impact.