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Distribution Agreement Signed between Ligra DS and Pulse Origin

Gianluigi Cravedi, CEO of Ligra DS
Gianluigi Cravedi, CEO of Ligra DS

Pulse Origin is pleased to announce the partnership with Italian network and A/V VAD Ligra DS for the distribution on the Italian market of its universal, scalable and easy to use wireless projection system, developed and manufactured in France by the company’s work team.

Pulse Box - this is the name of the product - is mainly intended for meeting rooms, but it can also be used in educational settings with obvious benefits for students and teachers, who can create and share content from their multimedia devices for personalised teaching. In fact the unit allows to transmit synchronised information in real time such as audio, video and text between mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) and displays, allowing users to easily conduct meetings or lectures. In a short time it has been sold to more than 200 companies in 7 countries!

As part of our international development plan, I am very happy and proud to announce our new collaboration with Ligra DS, distribution partner in Italy. Despite the difficult context, linked to the covid-19 pandemic, we are continuing our acceleration and our international development with the opening of a 7th European country, and further sustained growth ambitions for 2021. Our partner Ligra DS knows the Italian market and ecosystem perfectly, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. With all the dynamic changes to cope with, their proven experience combined with their capacity to design tailor-made solutions for customers will facilitate the introduction of the Pulse Box solution on the Italian market. Let the adventure begin!”, said Benoît Giroud, CEO & Founder of Pulse Origin.

We chose the Pulse Origin solution for its ease of use and integration, but also for its evolved side dedicated to the future challenges of the Digital Workplace and security. The ability to manage access permissions of guests or company employees via web manager - along with the advantage of not requiring specific apps - makes it a useful and smart product”, stated Gianluigi Cravedi, CEO of Ligra DS.

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