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DSD Adds usecure to its Cloud Offering

Laurent Cauwel, Sales Director at DSD Europe
Laurent Cauwel, Sales Director at DSD Europe

Software and cloud specialist DSD Europe expands its cloud security offering with security awareness training solutions from usecure. usecure provides managed service providers (MSPs) with a comprehensive toolkit of 4 security awareness products that they can easily offer to their customers as a cloud-based solution.

usecure helps MSPs calculate an organisation's human cyber risk, improve security knowledge through targeted training, and monitor risk levels from one comprehensive solution: the usecure platform. In addition to automated security awareness training, the usecure platform includes phishing simulations, dark web breach monitoring and simplified terms of use management.

The usecure platform provides organisations with an automated human risk management (HRM) service. The solution consists of several security awareness products: uLearn, uPhish, uBreach, uPolicy and Risk Score. uLearn and uPhish provide employees with automated, customised training and phishing assessments to improve their cybersecurity knowledge. uBreach continuously scans the dark web for user data leaks, and uPolicy simplifies terms of service management by automating the process of communicating terms of service.

With Risk Score, you can see at a glance how users, individually and collectively, rank in terms of cybersecurity, but also how their cybersecurity knowledge is changing. By combining various behavioural statistics into a single report, Risk Score forms a single number for the organisation's overall human risk score.

"It's no secret that the vast majority of data breaches originate from human security incidents. It is therefore critical for MSPs to offer security awareness solutions to their customers to protect them from advanced cyber threats", said Charles Preston, CEO and founder of usecure. "We created usecure to enable IT administrators to address their customers' human cyber risks with a solution that is easy to sell, deploy and manage. We are excited about our partnership with DSD Europe as we see a growing demand for user-centric security solutions in the European market. DSD's expertise in providing innovative software solutions to MSPs will undoubtedly help us meet these needs."

"With usecure, we offer resellers in the SME sector a complete security awareness training solution that is already available from a single seat. A powerful tool with a simple MSP model: 1 solution, for 1 fixed price. A simple story for the end user!", says Laurent Cauwel, Sales Director at DSD Europe. "The usecure platform can also be fully customised according to the customer's style."

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