DSD Europe Distributes Goose VPN

Laurent Cauwel, French Market Manager and Partner at DSD Europe
Laurent Cauwel, French Market Manager and Partner at DSD Europe

With the Goose VPN service, software specialist DES Europe is further expanding its cloud service offerings to provide its partners with a full range of services. This addition comes at the right time, as many companies are increasingly letting their employees work from home or away from the office.

Goose VPN offers a VPN service, with guaranteed security over the Internet through data encryption, protecting company and customer data from cyber crime, from anywhere at any time. In the office, at home, in remote locations and on the road.

For SMBs, Goose has developed an enterprise solution that protects all employees within the organisation with a single account. The application is easy to install on all devices - PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets - and can be centrally managed by the IT administrator via an intuitive management console.

"Consumers recognise the importance of encryption of network traffic, so Goose VPN has quickly become one of the leading players in the consumer market", said Joeri van de Wateringen, CEO of Goose VPN. "In order to help SMEs, we want to use DSD's partner network to offer our VPN service to small and medium-sized companies. This way they can work from anywhere and at any time with a secure Internet connection and be directly compliant with the DSD legislation."

Companies are legally obliged to put in place all possible measures to comply with the RGPD law. This includes the use of security software to protect company and customer data. By using Goose VPN, you provide your employees with a secure Internet connection outside the office and protect all company data from cybercriminals.

"We spent a lot of time looking for a lightweight and efficient VPN service suitable for our cloud services portfolio. We chose Goose VPN because it guarantees that all data is processed locally. A unique proposition compared to most providers, who cannot guarantee where the data will be processed", said Laurent Cauwel, French Market Manager and Partner at DSD Europe. "This is certainly, in the context of the RGPD legislation, a very good value that can guarantee that the data will be processed in your country of residence with Goose VPN."

Goose VPN offer is available through DSD offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.