DSD Europe Signs with ReaQta

Laurent Cauwel, Team Lead at DSD Europe
Laurent Cauwel, Team Lead at DSD Europe

Software specialist DSD is expanding its security offering with Endpoint Detection and Response solutions from EDR specialist ReaQta. These solutions enable DSD partners to offer their customers advanced detection and response capabilities without the need for specialist knowledge. For example, ReaQta's innovative approach incorporates the latest AI algorithms to automate and simplify the process of detecting and responding to new threats.

As of today, the ReaQta-EON and ReaQta-Hive solutions are available for DSD partners to purchase directly from the digital distribution platform. ReaQta-Hive is available to DSD partners as an all-in-one solution: ReaQta Hive Pro MKB. This exclusive version comes with Hive Brain and Hive Dashboard at no additional installation cost. The one-time installation fee is covered by DSD and ReaQta.

ReaQta-EON outperforms traditional antivirus by providing comprehensive endpoint protection and real-time protection against today's threats. ReaQta-EON is suitable for companies that are not yet ready to move to a full EDR solution, but want more protection than traditional antivirus.

In contrast, ReaQta-Hive is a full-featured EDR solution that provides visibility into all endpoints of the end customer. ReaQta-Hive engines scan an organisation's entire infrastructure in real time for indicators of compromise (IOCs), binaries and specific behaviours, as well as dormant threats, in-memory and fileless malware.

ReaQta-Hive uses ReaQta's own Nano-OStm, making the solution independent of any existing OS (operating system). The Nano-OS provides deep visibility into the processes and applications running on the endpoints. It resides in the hypervisor layer and protects endpoints from outside the operating system. It is also invisible to attackers and cannot be disabled by them.

ReaQta-Hive is available in cloud or on-premises versions, making the solution attractive to large enterprises.

"Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in a list of mostly well-known names, ReaQta piqued our interest", said Laurent Cauwel, Team Lead at DSD Europe. "We like working with a young and energetic company like ReaQta, as they also want to stand out in a changing IT market. ReaQta's proactive security solutions, mainly focused on EDR, expand our security offering. With this addition, we offer our partners a higher level of security. The local support, which we can offer in cooperation with the ReaQta support team, is therefore a great added value to support our partners well."

"Traditional security products are not able to meet the needs of cyber-risk aware customers and certainly not the rapidly changing contemporary cyber threats", said Alberto Pelliccione, CEO of ReaQta. "There is an urgent need for an advanced EDR solution, such as ReaQta-Hive, that provides comprehensive visibility, detection, protection with remediation capabilities while remaining incredibly easy to use. We are excited about this partnership with DSD and look forward to working together to deliver a new approach to combat today's attackers."