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Dyanix Acquires Service Contracts from Kodak Alaris in Austria

Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Dyanix
Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Dyanix

EDM VAD Dyanix has acquires Kodak Alaris' service business contracts in Austria. Dyanix will become a Kodak Alaris Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for the Austrian market and has been certified by Kodak Alaris, servicing all customers with a Kodak Alaris Service Business contract since March, 10.

Dyanix has an existing service structure, know-how and a solid network in Austria, as well as more than 20 years of experience in providing high-quality services for hardware and software in the field of document capture and information management. In 2021, Dyanix has already taken over the service activities of Kodak Alaris in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

The fact that the current Kodak Alaris service staff will transfer to Dyanix ensures continuity and a high level of service for the Austrian Kodak Alaris customers. During the transition period, the Kodak Alaris Technical Services team will provide the usual comprehensive support, while Dyanix service technicians will be trained on all new Kodak Alaris solutions and service features.

"The acquisition of the Kodak Alaris service contracts brings us another step closer to establishing and expanding our position as Number 1 in the information management market in Austria", said Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Dyanix. "With our expanded service team, we look forward to providing our customers with the best service for Kodak Alaris scanner products. Our technicians are certified and well trained."

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