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e92plus Signs Partnership with Ericom to Support Zero Trust Security Initiatives

Mukesh Gupta, Chief Executive and Founder of e92plus
Mukesh Gupta, Chief Executive and Founder of e92plus

Security VAD e92plus has inked a partnership with Ericom, a provider of secure web browsing and application access solutions, to help grow their UK partner community and bring a simplified approach to Zero Trust to the market. The leading cybersecurity VAD in the UK, e92plus will empower their extensive partner community to take the Ericom solutions to market, bringing to the channel solutions that help address the changing business landscape and priorities, while helping organisations embrace new approaches to cybersecurity and data protection.

2020 has frequently been highlighted as the year of Zero Trust – an never trust, always verify security concept that seeks to address the challenges of data and network breaches by removing inherent trust for every device connecting, whether it’s internal or external, until it’s been authorised and allowed least privilege. The difficulty is that this can be hugely complex, and with the network no longer the perimeter, hard to control.

Ericom’s unique approach brings the Zero Trust concept to web browsing, isolating all web activity in secured containers through Remote Browser Isolation (RBI). Whether users browse to a malicious website on their own or click on a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe since no web content is ever executed directly on their device. An interactive media stream representing the website is sent to a device's browser, providing a safe, fully interactive, seamless experience. Websites launched from URLs in emails can also be presented in read-only mode, preventing users from entering credentials that can be stolen and used to access to systems.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Ericom”, comments Mukesh Gupta, Chief Executive and Founder of e92plus. “Zero Trust is an approach many organisations are looking to embrace, especially with more remote users than ever accessing corporate applications, networks and the web. Ericom’s innovative approach compliments existing web and email security technologies by adding a Zero Trust browsing proposition, so for our partner community it offers a perfect complement to their offering.

Ericom Software is delighted to partner with e92plus, as a value added distributor e92plus have a tremendous track record in enabling, developing and growing business through its customers", said David Canellos, Ericom President and CEO. "This alliance ensures that our partners and mutual customers experience the full value of our cybersecurity solutions.

Ericom has an established partnership with Forcepoint, another e92pus vendor, offering a seamless native experience for users to avoid endpoints in any location becoming compromised, while the technology can also complement many other web security, next generation firewall, and email security gateway solutions. Additionally, Ericom’s portfolio of secure access solutions for remote users, enabling organisations to quickly connect home workers with on-premise apps and desktops, will be brought to market by e92plus via this partnership.

As part of the agreement, e92plus will be providing the extensive range of supporting services for partners, including free digital and social marketing platforms, extensive technical services for pre-sales consultancy, healthchecks and deployments, and the unique Project Financing offering that helps provide up-front margin for partners.

Mukesh Gupta concludes: “in the current climate, our focus is on helping our partners support their customers with innovative technologies that do not just provide the most advanced cybersecurity protection, but also fundamentally helps their businesses at the most challenging time. With Ericom, the ability to easily access legacy apps without complex VPNs or migrating those apps to the cloud allows customers to provide a seamless user experience and maximise productivity without compromising security.

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