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EAVS Adds Luxul to its Portfolio

Christophe Botteri, founder and president of EAVS
Christophe Botteri, founder and president of EAVS

French AV specialist EAVS has expanded its partnership with Legrand to its Luxul line of products. Luxul is specialised in IT network equipment, but without forgetting the needs of audiovisual integrators, with some features specifically dedicated to them that are not found on classic network products.

"The network is present in all audiovisual projects", explains Christophe Botteri, founder and president of EAVS. "Today, almost all audio and video equipment is connected to the network. Whether it is wired Ethernet, fibre or WiFi. This connection allows them to communicate with each other, access the Internet, be controlled locally or remotely, and even transmit AV streams. Of course, it is possible to use any quality network products. This is why we most often turn to products manufactured by major computer brands. A network is a network, whatever you put on it. Until you discover Luxul. Luxul access points are aesthetically pleasing, making them easy to integrate into a home. With Luxul, the computer network adapts to the audiovisual sector. Luxul has adapted its network products to meet the expectations of integrators. We find an offer consisting of routers, switches and other wireless access points."

The first differentiating asset concerns the very design of Luxul devices. On most Luxul switches and routers, the network sockets are on the back and not on the front. This makes a big difference in a rack installed in a house. With all the cabling invisible, because at the back of the rack, the technical cabinet does not feel like the server room of a company.

The second point is the free Luxul ProWatch software. This instantly recognises Luxul devices on the network. It enables configuration, monitoring and maintenance. All this works both on site and remotely. The integrator can thus check the status of the network and start the analysis phase without having to travel.

In this rack, there is no spaghetti of network cables on the front panel thanks to the Luxul switches. In short, Luxul has designed its network devices and their operation for the audiovisual industry. This is what makes its strength compared to traditional network equipment manufacturers. There is no need to look for computer-oriented products when Luxul has planned everything for an efficient network installation that gets rid of any technical aspects that might frighten the end customer. We will be coming back in the next few weeks with more details on the different Luxul ranges!

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