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EAVS Distributes Huawei IdeaHub

Lionel Ferreira, technical director of Groupe EAVS
Lionel Ferreira, technical director of Groupe EAVS

The Huawei IdeaHub Workgroup range joins the Groupe EAVS offer. This solution complements those offered by other partners and has its own qualities that can be used for many purposes.

The Huawei IdeaHub range includes four large collaborative touchscreens. There are two 165cm and two 218cm models, all in 4K resolution at 60Hz, split in two ranges - IdeaHub S and IdeaHub Pro. The differences are in the image capture. The IdeaHub S has a built-in camera in full resolution at 1080p @ 30Hz. The camera on the IdeaHub Pro has a resolution of 4K @ 30Hz. There are wall mounts for both diagonals and a stand on wheels for the 218cm only.

Secondly, beside a few small details, the screens offer identical features. They are all touch-sensitive with 20 touch points. They also support two simultaneous pens. The IdeaHubs have two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, three USB ports, Ethernet and WiFi networking, and audio in/out. Huawei has provided an OPS slot for an optional PC module with Intel Core i5 (8 GB RAM) or Core i7 (16 GB RAM) processor.

The IdeaHub has enough built-in power to run multiple applications. This means that the monitors can be used for digital signage outside of meetings. The OPS modules make the monitors compatible with all video conferencing applications on the market.

For sound pick-up, the IdeaHub is equipped with 12 microphones with 180° coverage up to 8 metres. The Pro models are capable of isolating a speaker via the Auto Voice Tracking function. All models feature the Acoustic Baffle function, which isolates people in front of the screen by suppressing surrounding background noise, like in a cocoon, for optimal concentration during work sessions.

"In summary, the Huawei IdeaHub has many features. Their main differentiation lies in their positioning: elegant simplicity for smart offices, whether it's a meeting room, an open space or even teleworking", concludes Lionel Ferreira, technical director of Groupe EAVS.

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