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Ebertlang Adds Wasabi Cloud Storage to its portfolio

Marcus Zeidler, managing director at Ebertlang
Marcus Zeidler, managing director at Ebertlang

German software specialist Ebertlang has started to offer Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage in the DACH region as part of its portfolio. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage costs up to 80% less than comparable Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage, without hidden follow-up costs or download fees.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is secured on a DSGVO-compliant data center and can be used for a wide range of company needs including backups, archiving and central data storage. Unlike other S3-compatible cloud storage providers, Wasabi does not charge egress fees, which could otherwise quickly become a cost trap.

Companies using on-premises storage solutions are increasingly waking up to the potential of cloud storage in cutting growing maintenance and hardware costs. Wasabi’s storage offering is designed for enterprise use cases and can be quickly scaled if necessary owing to its simple and transparent licensing model.

Thanks to the S3-compatible interface, connection to existing backup solutions, gateways and other platforms is also easily possible.

Wasabi is a clear pioneer in the storage market. They have recognised that the future of data lies in the cloud and that on-premises storage will in the future no longer be efficiently and economically managed by IT departments and service providers. This is where Wasabi comes in with its transparent licensing, which enables resellers to switch to cloud storage quickly and cost-effectively”, said enthusiastically Marcus Zeidler, managing director at Ebertlang about the newly won partnership. “Data must be backed up for every customer. If I, as an IT service provider, can see at a glance how much it costs me and know that there are no hidden follow-up costs, for example due to higher traffic, I can offer my services to my customers much more easily.

In addition, the Wasabi infrastructure can be easily linked to Altaro VM Backup and BackupAssist backup solutions, which are also part of the Ebertlang portfolio. “The reseller can use Wasabi not only to complement their own portfolio, but also for their existing and future backup installations and save considerable costs”, Zeidler continued.

Richard Czech, Director EMEA Sales added: “Ebertlang is one of the leading software distributors in German-speaking Europe and we’re thrilled to be part of their growing portfolio. More data is being produced than ever before, and while companies using on-premises storage struggle with ever increasing maintenance and hardware costs, many migrate to the cloud only to experience sticker shock. Through our partnership with Ebertlang, resellers in Germany can now easily switch to a secure, fast cloud storage solution with no hidden costs or unexpected download fees, so customers can rest assured they are getting the best deal currently available on the market.

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