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EET enters into a partnership with dbramante1928

Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET
Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET

Danish multispecialist EET has just entered into a collaboration with dbramante1928, a Danish manufacturer of sustainable mobile accessories. The company produces, among other things, cases for phones and tablets as well as bags for computers - everything is sustainably made of core leather and recyclable plastic material. Dbramante1928's environmentally friendly profile in particular is in line with EET's focus on the environment and has made the collaboration particularly interesting for EET.

As the first and only manufacturer of mobile accessories, dbramante1928 has in 2021 entered into a formal collaboration with the world's largest nature conservation organization WWF. With the collaboration, dbramante1928 is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions to close to zero and is already one of the few companies in the world, and the only one in its industry, that SBTi has approved for Net-Zero. In other words, dbramante1928 is dedicated to sustainability all the way from raw materials and production to packaging and distribution.

"At EET, in recent years we have increasingly been concerned with minimising or compensating for our CO2 footprint where we have the opportunity to do so. For example, we have established a collaboration with Ecologi, whereby we undertake to plant a tree for every fifth outgoing shipment. In addition to intensifying our own focus on the environment, we are also experiencing an ever-increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products from both our retailers, but especially when we, together with our B2B dealers, receive tender material from the State and environmentally conscious companies. That is why it aroused great enthusiasm with us when we became acquainted with dbramante1928, which has such a strong sustainability profile, an enthusiasm that did not diminish when we learned that from 2022 the company will also produce a significant part of its products locally in Denmark. Products like EET look forward to distributing to our Nordic dealers”, says Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET.

Dbramante1928 is also looking forward to the forthcoming collaboration to bring the sustainable mobile accessories to the B2B market throughout the Nordic region.

We are really pleased to have entered into a distribution agreement with EET, which is an incredibly strong player in the B2B market when it comes to selling mobile accessories. We have a great desire to reach the B2B channel with our sustainability messages, and we are convinced that EET is the right partner to help us with that. EET has a strong focus on all the accessories around the phone and not on the phone itself, it is quite unique and this is where they have their strength. Finally, EET itself has a significant focus on sustainability in their distribution, which is in line with our values ​​and our mission to not only become CO2-neutral but CO2-positive”, says Dennis Dress, CEO and founder of dbramante1928.

dbramante1928's full range is immediately available through EET's dealer network in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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