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EET Expands Cooperation with Sharp

Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET
Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET

Multispecialist EET has expanded its collaboration with Sharp regarding the distribution of Sharp air purifiers. Sharp, which to date has sold more than 90 million units, is the world's largest manufacturer of air purifiers, and EET will in future distribute Sharp's air purifiers throughout the Nordic region, through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Over the past few years, the European market for air purifiers has experienced double-digit growth rates, and this trend is predicted to continue over the coming years. Asia and the USA continue to be the largest markets, but with a growing awareness of climate in general and not least the indoor climate, and how it affects our well-being, it is time for Sharp to now also focus on the northern European market.

At EET, we see strong growth in sales of products with a focus on indoor climate. Our Smart Home products are an excellent example of the fact that we up here in the Nordic region have also opened our eyes to the value of a better indoor climate. Many people currently work from home, and this is expected to become part of the norm in the future, but due to the cooler temperatures we have here in the Nordic countries, we are often not good enough to get the air out once an hour, as recommended. With the expansion of the collaboration with Sharp, EET will help to make Nordic consumers even more aware of the value of a good indoor climate and, together with our dealers, spread the knowledge of how air purifiers can help create the optimal indoor climate", said Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET.

"Over the last few years, EET has been involved in reintroducing Sharp TV into the Nordic market, and on this journey EET has proven that they can service the dealer channel professionally with a very high level of service that lives up to Sharp's values. We expect that in the future EET will be able to contribute to the launch of air purifiers for private consumers, but also to a particularly high extent through their B2B channels to the many office environments in smaller companies and not least home offices, which more than ever is an important focus area”, added Morten Skov Niels, Sales Director at Sharp Consumer Nordic.

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