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Ekran Systems Appoints Bakotech

Krzysztof Hałgas, Managing Director of Bakotech
Krzysztof Hałgas, Managing Director of Bakotech

Security and network monitoring VAD Bakotech has expanded its portfolio with Ekran System.

The company was founded in 2013 by a group of specialists with many years of experience in the field of cyber security. Its activities focus on developing the flagship product of the brand of the same name (Ekran System) and delivering it to customers around the world through a global network of partners.

Ekran System is a product offering a wide range of possibilities with a wide range of applications focused mainly around:

  • analysis and monitoring of user behaviour,

  • protection against internal threats,

  • the monitoring of privileged users.

"We have signed a contract with Ekran System seeing increasing demand from companies for protection against loss or leakage of sensitive data. This solution is characterised by easy and quick implementation, moreover, it does not require changes to the current infrastructure and is a perfect complement to already existing security systems. At a time of growing numbers of threats and incidents related to interference with companies' resources, it was crucial for us to find a product that would enable us to detect and prevent them as effectively as possible. Signing a contract with Ekran System is therefore a very important step both for us and for our customers", said Krzysztof Hałgas, Managing Director of Bakotech.

The solution enables companies to reduce the risk related to internal and external threats. Thanks to the functions of monitoring and analysis of user behaviour throughout the company, Ekran System allows to identify users who pose a risk to data security. Additionally, it enables monitoring of privileged sessions, as well as sessions of third companies, which often have high privileges to critical IT infrastructure resources.

"As Ekran System Polska we decided to start cooperation with Bakotech in order to jointly respond to the demand of companies in terms of monitoring ordinary and privileged users on servers and workstations. Cooperation with Bakotech is an opportunity for us to develop alongside a proven business partner with extensive experience in the IT security sector on the Polish market and in CEE. Our priority in our joint activities is to increase awareness of cybersecurity and provide our clients with an effective solution that will allow them to reduce the risk of leakage and interference with company data and resources", explained Paweł Chudziński, Ekran System Poland.

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