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ELKO Distributes Bluetti in Ukraine

Anzhelika Rubezhova, managing director of ELKO Ukraine
Anzhelika Rubezhova, managing director of ELKO Ukraine

Broadliner ELKO has started the distribution of Bluetti products in Ukraine, as energy independence is a critically important issue because of the war waged by Russia in the country.

"Bluetti is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household energy storage solutions. Bluetti products provide incredible mobility when using electrical devices and effectively solve the problems of backup power supply and availability of power in any place without access to the electrical network", said Anzhelika Rubezhova, managing director of ELKO Ukraine.

The Bluetti solar generator is able to capture the sun's energy with the help of attachable photovoltaic panels, which can be purchased separately. A portable power station can be charged from other power sources, but getting free energy from sunlight is definitely the most rational way.

The range of products available to ELKO Ukraine partners:

  • portable charging stations: AC50S, EB55, AC200P, AC200MAX and AC300+B300

  • battery expansion module: B230

  • solar panels: PV120, SP200 and SP350

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