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ELKO Distributes in Exclusivity Sectona's Cybersecurity Solutions in Ukraine

Roman Chornenky, head of the information security department of ELKO Ukraine
Roman Chornenky, head of the information security department of ELKO Ukraine

Broadliner ELKO Ukraine has concluded an exclusive contract for the supply of software to Sectona Technologies. The company's solutions provide privileged access management with a specialized access platform that helps protect privileged accounts and manage dynamic remote employee access.

Sectona represents a privileged access platform designed for deployment architectures capable of handling scalability needs and complex enterprise requirements, enabling the necessary growth with security needs in mind.

The company's primary goal is to create products and technologies that provide integrated privilege management for diverse IT teams and minimize the challenges associated with today's privileged account management challenges.

The high level of quality of Sectona Technologies products has been recognized by the Stamford agency Gartner Inc., which included the company in Gartner's 2022 Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management among companies serving the Privileged Access Management (PAM) market.

The advantages of the Sectona platform are:

  • ease of use of the solution in different environments;

  • a single platform for access management, password policy, multi-factor authentication and account lifecycle management;

  • the best value for money on the market.

"A progressive approach to solving the problem of access security makes Sectona Technologies products in demand on the world market, and Ukraine is no exception. In addition, ELKO Ukraine partners will be interested not only in product capabilities, but also in our support in projects, fast delivery and all the necessary assistance for the development of competencies", said Roman Chornenky, head of the information security department of ELKO Ukraine.

"We are glad to start cooperation with ELKO Ukraine. I am confident that the capabilities of our products will help Ukrainian companies to overcome cyber security problems. As a leading provider of privileged account protection and dynamic remote employee access management for over 250 enterprise customers including RSA, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone, we aim to grow and strengthen our market position", added Oleksandr Mosin, regional sales director for Mosin.

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