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ELKO Distributes Tektelic

Yuliya Turchina, head of ELKO Ukraine project distribution department

Broadliner ELKO has launched innovative Tektelic Communications IoT solutions on the Ukrainian market.

Canadian vendor Tektelic is a strong actor on the LoRaWAN market, with the widest range of products using this technology: functional and reliable gateways, sensors and special software for the Internet of Things. With extensive application of innovations and know-how, Tektelic solutions can be used to build IoT networks of any scale.

Today, Tektelic products are used on all inhabited continents and meet the reliability requirements for Carrier Grade equipment (99.999% availability). For example, devices intended for outdoor use can operate in the temperature range from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C, and their dust and moisture resistance meets the requirements of IP67. Also, the company portfolio has solutions for creating home and home IoT networks. Tektelic solutions are widely used in the design business, so in addition to individual devices, the company also offers integrated systems for various vertical markets, such as: smart city and smart building, agroindustrial complex, mining, transport, healthcare, logistics, utilities and others.

For example, in the field of municipal automation, wireless gas, water, and electricity meters are used to quickly and accurately measure resource consumption. In agriculture, Tektelic developments based on LoRaWAN technology allow asset tracking, environmental monitoring, soil moisture control, irrigation management, precision agriculture, etc. In a “smart city”, LoRaWAN technology solutions can be used to manage traffic, parking, lighting, monitor air quality, condition of engineering structures (eg bridges), etc. The field of application of such IoT-systems today is very wide and it is constantly developing.

"Tektelic developments help customers worldwide increase their efficiency and security. Reliable and functional IoT solutions of our company find application in various fields - from apartments and private houses to airports, railway transport, industrial enterprises and smart cities. Therefore, we are pleased that, through our cooperation with ELKO Ukraine, we can bring the best global IoT experience to Ukrainian private, commercial and public sector customers", explains Roman Nemish, founder and CEO of Tektelic Communications.

One of the main advantages of Tektelic is that the company independently develops and manufactures its products. This, on the one hand, allows to fully adapt it to the tasks of a particular customer, and on the other, provides the most effective technical support. Moreover, despite being Canadian, the company has two development and technical support centres in Ukraine (in Kyiv and Lviv).

In its turn, ELKO Ukraine, as the official Tektelic distributor, provides partners with a full range of professional services including:

  • expert consultations

  • qualified assistance in task definition and decision-making

  • support for project protection partners

  • training of partners and employees of the end customer

  • organising presentations and providing demonstration equipment for testing

  • assistance and support for launching pilot projects

"The IoT market is booming around the world. This trend is also felt in our country. Already, there is considerable interest from major Ukrainian companies in developing things based on the Internet of Things. ELKO Ukraine always strives to ensure that the proposed solutions are in line with the customers' tasks - not only at the moment, but also in the light of future changes. In this regard, Tektelic is an optimal partner, being one of the world leaders in its field, constantly developing its own solutions and providing comprehensive technical support for projects", adds Yuliya Turchina, head of ELKO Ukraine project distribution department.

The full range of Tektelic Communications IoT solutions, including the innovative KONA Macro, KONA Micro, KONA Micro Lite gateways, KONA All-in-One Office / Home Sensor smart sensors, etc., is already available to order from ELKO Ukraine partners.

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