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ELKO Expands Cooperation with Keenetic in Czechia and Slovakia

Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group
Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group

After a successful year of Keenetic product distribution in Ukraine, ELKO has signed an agreement expanding the distribution territory by adding Czechia and Slovakia through WESTech, part of ELKO Group.

"Keenetic is an affordable, secure and reliable premium-class brand with a high capability for SOHO segments. This segment covers small businesses, home offices, teleworkers, retail locations, offices, restaurants, small hospitality operations, medical and dental offices, realtors, or smaller business branches", explains Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group.

Starting from one main Keenetic router Keenetic Wi-Fi extenders can be added to a single node system to make it grow into a centrally managed multi-node Whole-Home Wi-Fi System as demand increases. All Keenetic Whole Home Wi-Fi devices are able to work in either “router” or “extender” mode. The configuration of a home network can be optimised based on personal requirements for performance and usage at particular locations.

By pairing a Keenetic device to the Keenetic App you are able to control home networks. You can see which devices are connected and registered and enable securely isolated Wi-Fi for your guests. You can also set up weekly schedules for members of your family or staff, monitor their Internet activity, manage content restrictions or pause the Internet connection from the palm of your hand.

The Internet centre provides smart TVs that connect to the Internet, and also gives you access to IPTV digital television, digital telephony and other additional services. Keenetic offers the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi security for its entire product range. WPA3 represents the next generation of Wi-Fi security, bringing enhanced Wi-Fi protection for both domestic and enterprise networks. WPA3 adds simplified Wi-Fi security, more robust authentication and enhanced cryptographic strength than that offered by WPA2, which was the previous market standard on which WPA3 has been developed.

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