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ELKO Starts Distribution of Viomi

Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group
Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group

One of the hottest products during the pandemic surprisingly appeared vacuum cleaners, especially robotic ones. To provide the market with technologically upgraded products, broadliner ELKO has signed an agreement to become an official distributor of Viomi robotic and cordless vacuum cleaners and air purifiers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Viomi Technology is a leading IoT@Home technology company which innovations address diversified consumer needs and solves customer pain points. The latest Viomi products focus on surface sterilisation and air purification from pollution and microorganisms, which is relevant not only for allergy sufferers but for anyone today.

Viomi has been dedicated to design and produce smart appliances. We believe that our future home will be evolved into IoT home eventually”, commented Tommy Zhang, GM of the Viomi Overseas Division, “Going forward, we need experts, like ELKO Group, to bring healthy and smart life to local markets.

Robotic bestsellers

Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming has already become a 3-in-1 standard for robotic vacuum cleaners. In addition, Viomi has introduced the UV sterilisation system (Viomi Alpha UV (S9) model), which effectively kills 99.99% of five kinds of bacteria and cleans significantly deeper than traditional manual cleaning.

Viomi’s latest robot vacuum is now equipped also with an auto dirt disposal system, which brings an impressive thirty-day hands-free cleaning and avoids secondary pollution from touching and inhaling dust, especially important for those who suffer from dust mite allergy.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are absolute bestsellers in our consumer electronics segment. Global market research companies forecast their growth will not stop at least next several years. New features which hit the needs make Viomi products highly competitive and coveted by our customers”, comments Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group.

Due to Covid-19, people pay more attention to air quality. When sufficient ventilation with outdoor air is not possible or outdoor air pollution is high, portable air cleaners (purifiers) may be particularly helpful. Air cleaning and filtration can help reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses and bacteria.

Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro (UV) can cover an area up to 60 m2, effectively remove methanol and smoke, LED-UV Sterilisation destroys germs and viruses, enhances disinfection performance, and features Mosquito Killing function.

All Viomi products are compatible with “Mi home”.

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