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ESET Appoints Axoft for Russia

Vyacheslav Barkhatov, CEO of Axoft
Vyacheslav Barkhatov, CEO of Axoft

Software VAD Axoft has received the status of ESET distributor in Russia. Axoft will focus on promoting ESET solutions among its partners and their customers, developing the vendor's partner channel, expanding the geography of supply, developing sales of services and new solutions.

The new status will allow Axoft to increase its portfolio of information security solutions and obtain additional growth points to increase its financial performance. ESET, in turn, will be able to expand the partner channel through the existing partners of Axoft and the wide geography of the distributor. The manufacturer will be able to use Axoft's expertise in bringing new products to market and developing their sales.

Users of the vendor's main solutions are SMB customers from all business sectors. The manufacturer's portfolio also includes products designed for mature customers in terms of information security: ESET Threat Intelligence, ESET Dynamic Threat Defence. Among the companies using the vendor's solutions are Evraz Group SA, ALROSA, AtomEnergoSbyt, SMK, Shell Oil or Ingosstrakh.

ESET flagship products are:

  • ESET Endpoint Security is a solution designed to prevent and block known threats and detect malicious activity on hosts

  • ESET Enterprise Inspector - advanced comprehensive endpoint protection from complex threats

  • Safetica Office control and DLP systems - systems to monitor employee performance, time tracking and prevent information leaks

  • ESET Dynamic Threat Defence - proactive protection against targeted attacks and zero-day threats

  • ESET Threat Intelligence - automates cyber intelligence processes and assesses the effectiveness of cyber protection

  • ESET Secure Authentication is a two-factor authentication solution that provides secure access to sensitive or confidential company information.

Axoft will focus on promoting ESET solutions to its partners and their customers. Above all, the focus will be on new products, that is Safetica Office Control and DLP, ESET Enterprise Inspector and, ESET Dynamic Threat Defence. In the nearest future Axoft plans to develop the vendor's partner channel, expand the geography of supplies, including those to CIS countries, and introduce new products of the manufacturer to the market.

"We have a long-term relationship with ESET: we have been doing business with the vendor for many years in the status of a sub-distributor, and have shown their effectiveness in working with regional partners. We consider granting us the status of distributor as the highest form of trust and guarantee of further successful cooperation with the manufacturer. Our plans include providing the vendor with the most effective work with the partner channel and increasing the share of design solutions in the turnover of the manufacturer. Axoft will continue to develop sales of services based on ESET products together with the vendor", says Vyacheslav Barkhatov, CEO of Axoft.

"According to many experts, the strongest strength of ESET is the customers in the SMB segment. With the help of a distributor with a wide network of coverage, we want to strengthen our position in this segment and provide convenience of purchasing quality ESET solutions for the most remote partners and customers", comments Anton Ponomarev, Director of Corporate Sales at ESET. "Now in the mode of self-isolation and remote work we must be even closer to our customers."

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