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Europe's Leading Refurbishers Join Forces to Form EUREFAS

Eurefas President Augustin Becquet
Eurefas President Augustin Becquet

Refurbishment specialised distributors, Foxway, Recommerce Group, Reware and Tech2com have announced the launch of the Eurefas association. The objective of the association is to defend and promote the interests of the sector. The association aims to change the current regulatory framework and promote the emergence of the circular economy in Europe.

The association, which is based in Brussels, will work to accelerate the development of the refurbished sector in Europe, in particular by helping to raise awareness among consumers, promote collaboration between companies in the sector, share best practices, disseminate sectoral data and common positions, and act as a privileged interlocutor with the media and the competent authorities. The association also plans to establish quality standards to better inform and protect consumers.

Eurefas plans to engage in an ongoing dialogue with the European institutions to ensure that the environmental impact of refurbishment is established and recognised. The association intends to provide answers to questions related to VAT fraud, copyright levies, European labelling and the place of refurbished products in the Green Deal.

"Our ambition is to represent all refurbished companies in Europe, whatever their size. With them, we want to develop our sector and contribute to the emergence of the circular economy in Europe. Our association's founders include experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. Their mission is to raise awareness of the many benefits of refurbished products among authorities and consumers", said Eurefas President Augustin Becquet.

The global refurbished smartphone market will grow from €23 billion in 2019 to €56,7 billion in 2023, according to IDC. In France and Germany, refurbished devices account for more than 10% of smartphone sales and are growing at a rate of more than 10% per year.

Grégoire Vigroux, Vice President of Communications at Eurefas, concludes: "we will be in regular dialogue with the media to publicise the many advantages of refurbished devices over new ones. Through the Green Deal's Circular Economy Action Plan, Europe is in the process of initiating a real industrial renaissance: the circular economy. We intend to actively participate in this paradigm shift."

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