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Evanssion Strengthens its Partnership with Noname Security

Ahmad Al Qadri, CEO of Evanssion
Ahmad Al Qadri, CEO of Evanssion

Network and security VAD Evanssion has strengthened its partnership with Noname Security, a leader in API Security, to ensure the region is well-equipped to defend against API attacks.

There is a massive gap in the visibility on the API layer from the perspective of consumption and exposure of information through the API. This leads to lack of governance and posture management of APIs. Hackers have tapped into these vulnerabilities and are actively targeting these APIs due to misconfiguration and anomalous behaviour of the API.

Partnering with a leader like Evanssion allows us to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to local customers through the award winning Noname API Security Platform”, said Dirk Marichal, Vice President EMEA of Noname Security. “APIs have become more important than ever and thus it’s a priority to mitigate the associated risks and keep business APIs secure and out of the headlines. We are delighted that Evanssion has recognised this trend, conducted in-depth market research, and chose Noname Security as their preferred API Security solution.

Noname Security delivers the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform. The company finds and inventories all APIs; detects attacks, suspicious behaviour, and misconfigurations using AI-based behavioural analysis; prevents attacks and integrates with existing remediation and security infrastructure; and actively validates APIs before deployment.

Unlike other solutions that only monitor API traffic, Noname analyses API traffic as well as application and infrastructure configurations to provide better API security posture management, API runtime security, and active API SDLC testing. Only Noname Security can find all shadow APIs and API misconfigurations before the company is impacted.

Together with the API security leader, Evanssion is working with some of the largest banks in the financial industry and airline providers in the country to make API Security a reality for the Middle East and Africa region. The past five months has seen tremendous growth for Evanssion and Noname in the EMEA region.

Ahmad Al Qadri, Chief Executive Officer of Evanssion, said: “we are pleasantly surprised at the maturity of the market in understanding API security and the urgent need to proactively protect systems and data. The response from our customers has been powerful and I am confident that the shift from ‘Why API Security’ to ‘How’ will be game changing.

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