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Exertis Adds ZyXEL to MSP Platform

Jason Hill, Sales Director at Exertis
Jason Hill, Sales Director at Exertis

Broadliner Exertis has teamed up with ZyXEL to integrate its switching and wireless products within the distributor’s MSP platform.

The platform, called Exertis JEM, provides VARs with the ability to offer their customers hardware and software products on a subscription payment basis, instead of purchasing in a typical and traditional CAPEX model, enabling VARs a much simpler way to work and manage their clients, simplifying the licensing and hardware purchasing process by rolling it all together in one pre-agreed monthly payment.

This additionally allows VARs to be much more competitive, flexible and even allows them to offer higher-specification products to clients who are often on tighter budgets.

With nearly 30 years of networking expertise, ZyXEL solves network access problems by providing complete product portfolios and end-to-end solutions instead of technology itself. ZyXEL offers switching, wireless and security commercial networking solutions bespoke to size of business and vertical focus: enabling businesses to work smarter, faster and in more places with total peace of mind.

We have been working with Exertis over the last year to integrate within their hardware-as-a-service platform”, says Rachel Rothwell, Regional Director at ZyXEL. “We are happy to say we are now ready to offer our switching and wireless products on a pre-agreed monthly subscription, as well as purchasing in a typical CAPEX model. This choice will bring flexibility and scalability to all our MSP and non-MSP resellers. We are excited about this development, and we believe that it will also be a popular option with customers who are embracing the as-a-service approach to IT wherever they can.

Customisation on Exertis’s JEM platform is also a key benefit, as customers can rebrand quotations and add tailored margins by uploading letterheads and PDFs, and using the built-in margin calculator. Access can also be controlled, giving customers’ individual teams focused access for quoting, ordering and billing.

Jason Hill, Sales Director at Exertis, said: “Exertis is delighted to announce furthering our fantastic partnership with ZyXEL. Together we have developed their hardware-as-a-service proposition (HaaS) which is the foundation of ZyXEL’s new MSP Evolve program. Evolve allows partners to access ZyXEL hardware solutions from networking to security using simple and predictable monthly billing. We are proud to be ZyXEL’s worldwide launch partner for the platform as it perfectly complements our existing MSP offerings via Exertis JEM.

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