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Exertis Enterprise Signs with QiO Technologies

Angelo Apa, Exertis Global Head of Enterprise Vendor Management
Angelo Apa, Exertis Global Head of Enterprise Vendor Management

Storage and infrastructure VAD Exertis Enterprise has added QiO Technologies to its portfolio in the United Kingdom, in a distribution deal which is the first of its kind for the vendor. The deal enables Exertis Enterprise to sell QiO’s AI-infused software Europe-wide.

QiO’s products, QiO Foresight Maintenance and QiO Foresight Energy, allow each customer to optimise energy consumption and cut their carbon footprint, as well as improve safety and reduce operation costs, through the application of configuration-driven blueprints.

The depth and reach of Exertis’s knowledge and network was the reason for selecting the distributor to bring QiO’s AI software to market”, says Baz Khuti, CEO and Co-Founder of QiO. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Exertis Enterprise as our distributor of Foresight Energy and Foresight Maintenance applications. Through our alliance, customers can now benefit from proven Augmented AI applications to reduce energy, carbon and improve operational costs without compromising safety and quality.

QiO’s augmented applications provide out of the box, pre-built blueprints to accelerate customer digital initiatives. This allows customers to move from proofs of value and pilots to full scale production without large consultancy costs and custom data science models.

QiO Foresight Maintenance and QiO Foresight Energy are enabled by QiO’s unique Applied AI framework – a bridge between what is possible in a data science lab and practical in production. QiO’s Applied AI framework acts as a mentor to engineers providing customers with a practical, proven and secure approach to scale and ensure repeatable AI models across their plants, assets and operations.

QiO’s Foresight Applications deliver orchestration from three interrelated perspectives, enabling the plants of the future and remote operators to:

  • provide feedback loops to improve the accuracy of AI models.

  • fully automate the control of physical machinery.

  • automate the complete cycle from sensor to process automation of manual inspection, safety and service processes, thus dramatically improving customer service.

What’s more, QiO’s Foresight applications are conducive to allowing workers to operate plants remotely, save energy and ensure efficiency in today’s environmentally-aware society, and supporting current trends of remote working for many.

Angelo Apa, Exertis Global Head of Enterprise Vendor Management, said: “At Exertis we are very keen to present solutions which improve sustainability and QiO is a fantastic addition to our portfolio. They have reference customers who are seeing up to 8% savings in the amount of energy used with the financial and carbon benefits this brings.

Businesses which have high energy overheads are an ideal fit for QiO’s software, and verticals such as those with an industrial focus, hospitals, datacentres, and large MSPs, where a reduction in carbon emissions, and therefore significant cost savings, can be made.

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