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Exertis France Adopts a New Sales and Marketing Organisation

Fabian Piquet, sales and marketing director of Exertis France
Fabian Piquet, sales and marketing director of Exertis France

Retail specialist Exertis France has recently presented its new marketing and sales organisation. Over the last 2 years the company has grown its business by +70%. To support this level of growth, the French subsidiary has optimised its structure, both in terms of its size and the organisation of the marketing and sales department.

It is based on 3 main pillars:

  • The first is the Gaming product category (including PC gaming, console gaming and VR). It has grown by 200% over the past two years, allowing Exertis France to become the leading French distributor in this market. Gaming, which has become Exertis France's leading category, has also taken on an international dimension through its coverage of several European countries.

  • At the same time, the Computing category has also experienced a very good growth, notably thanks to the development of teleworking, an area in which Exertis France has offered a wide selection of essential brands and products for many years.

  • Finally, the strong growth in e-business activities has positioned Exertis France as a reference among the main digital players in France and as a benchmark for Direct to Consumer.

This is why, in order to provide the best expertise and the highest quality of support to all its partners, the business structure of Exertis France is evolving: since July, 1st 2021, three BU will structure the sales and marketing organisation:

  • Graig Piscina is in charge of the Multimedia BU (including A/V, computing and mobility). Graig joined Exertis France in April 2021.

  • Philippe Barès is in charge of the gaming BU (including PC gaming, console gaming and VR), Philippe joined Exertis France in September 2015 and has been working hard on the development of the Gaming category.

  • Victor Ingarao is in charge of the E-Commerce / e-Platform BU (including Amazon and Direct to Consumer tools: Webshop, Branded Merchant Site Management, Marketplace). Victor joined Exertis France in July 2019 and is in charge of developing communication and trade marketing activities.

Each of these BUs will bring together all the marketing and sales experts such as: Marketing Manager, Key Account Manager, Category Manager, Business Analyst, Business Developer, Sales Assistant... Also, and for even greater efficiency, the Sales Administration, headed by Isabelle Hue, will integrate the sales and marketing structure.

All these BUs and their teams will operate under the direction of Fabian Piquet, sales and marketing director, who said: "Exertis France's growth and ability to adapt have made it the most sought-after distributor of brands and resellers in the high-tech market. This new organisation will enable us to provide a higher level of expertise on all these markets and to continue to develop our efficiency in the face of all the demands and needs of our partners, in order to boost their business development even further."


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