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Exertis Offers Resellers Solution from AquilAI

Jason Hill, Exertis Hammer sales director Europe for security and wireless
Jason Hill, Exertis Hammer sales director Europe for security and wireless

Broadliner Exertis has announced a European, distribution agreement with AquilAI for its unique, cloud based Ajax Intelligence solution which provides protection against advanced phishing threats. Shaped and influenced by experts at the UK’s GCHQ and NCSC, in co-operation with academics and cyber security experts, AquilAI’s Ajax technology is aimed at mid and large enterprise companies who use cloud-based email like Office 365 and G-Suite. Jason Hill, Exertis Hammer sales director Europe for security and wireless, said: “phishing remains a major threat and is estimated to be responsible for 93% of data breaches. Ajax Intelligence is a very effective, analytical solution against email phishing threats that will continue to impact all sizes and types of organisations, often through employees innocently opening an email. When a phishing email is detected, it provides a simple but effective traffic light warning system that appears immediately above the body of the message on the user’s desktop, web or mobile device, adding another level of security against social engineering attacks. Its intelligent use of machine learning detects all types of advanced phishing threats using real-time technical checks and linguistic analysis. This is an excellent addition to our security portfolio that will enable our resellers to offer their customers even better detection and protection.” Social engineering attacks are very hard to detect for secure email gateway solutions. Ajax Intelligence uses over a hundred and fifty machine learning algorithms to “see” each email much like a human cyber-security expert would. This gives it the unique ability to catch zero-day phishing attacks that haven’t been reported yet. It also means that Ajax intelligence can catch realistic-looking forgeries even when they come from high-reputation senders like G Suite and Office 365. Ajax Intelligence is easy to set up as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other secure email gateways like Mimecast, if they are already deployed. Paul Chapman, AquilAI CEO, said: “with Exertis’ breadth of reseller customers, we can introduce our enterprise class solution to more organisations. Ajax Intelligence detects over 40 per cent of phishing attacks which are missed by incumbent vendors with no perceptible delays with email processing and delivery. By automatically learning and creating a profile of the usual e-mail flow for each user, it provides advanced visibility of even zero-day attacks. The solution also provides a useful dashboard to track results and issues.

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